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    We exported all orders from our live site which used Version 1.4.6 of the plugin. I then took a copy of our dev site (with the updated Version 1.4.7) over to live which contains no woocommerce orders. Upon reimporting the orders to the live site the import process just hangs.

    Error log gives the following:

    [04-Jun-2019 22:56:03 UTC] PHP Warning: fopen(/usr/share/nginx/html/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/woocommerce-order-export2.csv.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/share/nginx/html/wp-content/plugins/order-import-export-for-woocommerce/includes/importer/class-wf-orderimpexpcsv-order-import.php on line 207

    To confirm the go-live process:

    1. Remove all test woocommerce orders in dev
    2. Export all woocommerce orders from live
    3. Replace the live site with the dev site
    4. Temporarily update permissions to 777
    4. Import the woocommerce orders which were exported in step 2

    Can you please help? If we pay for the premium version will this help expedite a response/fix for the issue?

    Thanks, Matt

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    Hi @linuxmatt,

    Looking at the error log it seems like the issue you are facing while importing the CSV is because the site is not having the file upload permissions. Kindly make sure that the site in which you are importing the CSV is having the file upload permissions.

    If the issue still persists please reach us via support.

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