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  • Foremost: thank you for this useful plugin!

    I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue & if there’s a workaround.

    So far, every component of the plugin is working as expected — except for the “Post title in widget” field.

    If we enter text in that field, the expectation (which may not be accurate) is that whatever text we enter in the field will be displayed in place of the post’s title in interfaces related to post navigation (Series Post List & Series Post Navigation).

    However, there is no change occurring when we use that field — the Series Post List & Series Post Navigation both still just display the post’s given title.

    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Darren Ethier (nerrad)


    Currently this field only affects the title for the post when displayed in the Series TOC widget. I just verified and it is picked up for the widget (but not any place else the post title is displayed). This is why the label is “Post title in widget”.

    I’d like to echo Copernicus’s thanks, excellent plug-in.

    However, I’m confused by your reply. I have the same question, and am specifically referring to the list of links that is displayed at the top of an individual post page. To pick a random example where I’m using the add-in, if you look at this blog post, You see a box at the top of the page (just under the title) containing links to all the posts in the series. As you can see, the links are far too long for the width of the paragraph, and I’d like to shorten them.

    Isn’t that the Series TOC widget? If not, what is?

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Darren Ethier (nerrad)


    Isn’t that the Series TOC widget? If not, what is?

    No it is not. The widget is found either via the widgets panel in the Customizer or in the Appearance->Widgets menu item.

    Wow, that was a fast response!

    So is there any way to shorten the titles for the links shown on each page?

    Thanks again.



    Thanks so much for your help, @nerrad ! I know that your time is limited & this insight is very helpful and welcome.

    My immediate guess as a way to proceed in getting the ‘override’ text to display in other areas of the page is to call the widget via shortcode and/or call the widget with a template layout. I’ll work on this and report any progress in this thread in the event that it is helpful to others.

    Thanks again, @nerrad !



    Well, shoot – I thought I could get this working with something like

    <?php the_widget( 'orgSeries_widget_seriestoc' ); ?>

    in the template, but it’s not working.

    I guess, what we’re ultimately seeking is a way for the “Post Title in Widget” override to work across all of the tables of contents for posts within a series. But, perhaps that’s just not possible at this time (which is understandable, given how much this plugin can already do).

    I tried searching the extensions docs to see if there was an existing shortcode or token that could accomplish this, but I’m not seeing a solution.

    Anyone who comes along & can determine or fashion a solution – I’m appreciative of the input!

    Thanks @copernicus for your efforts.

    @nerrad is there anything we can do?

    I also would like to vote for the feature that @copernicus mentioned here. It will be useful for me to have different title display in the normal TOC box. I did not use TOC box widget at all.

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