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    I successfully installed WP in my local LAMP server.
    I do have ftp installed.
    In order to update plugin akismet I neet to FTP.
    Don’t know entried for hostname, user and pass.
    Tried different combos but none worked.

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  • Just copy and paste the folder to the wp-content/plugins directory.

    The default web root directory should be /var/www

    I am aware of the default web directory.
    This is the problem: ftp is installed and working on my server.
    Akismet has an update that I want to install, it requests installation via ftp.
    The plugin itself is already installed.
    It needs three fields: hostname, username, and password.
    I have tried several combos and none worked.
    So, what should I use for those fields?

    when you say ftp is already installed and working on my server you don’t mean an ftp client right. in order to use the built in uploader on localhost installs you must have an ftp service or daemon running, and be using a login that has upload permissions into your wp directory.

    Chances are that if you don’t know what to put into those fields, you don’t have ftpd running.

    On my localhost’s I typically use svn to update WordPress and plugins.

    You don’t need to use FTP on a local server. Visit the plugin page, download it normally and extract it into the plugins directory.

    Alternatively you can give the web server user write access to the wp-content directory and it won’t even ask you for FTP credentials.

    yes this is another good way. I think that using the ftp uploader on localhost is a lot mroe trouble than it is worth as there are obviously multiple ways to update these type of things.

    Thanks for answers.
    To answer rfair404 question: yes, ftpd is installed and running, I have tested it on other installs.
    I am completely new to WP so don’t know what it needs, I got it to work (on other installs) by inputting my ServerName, then root and pass for root, but WP does not like that.
    Anyway, I am happy with the other solution as I can update via FTP once I get it on a live server.

    Actually, I also got it to work via FTP, but it was a hell of a mess.
    After chowning www to username:www-data and chmoding 777, I set it to ServerName, that username and pass.
    Also had to manually create directory wp-content/upgrade.
    Anyway, your advice was speedy and great, thanks much.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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