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  1. saucemaster
    Posted 9 years ago #

    when i try to make a new post on my site, i am given a 404 error immediately upon hitting 'publish'. however, if i take out the following paragaph, the post is published without any problems:

    around the room were books for sale, a good selection of penguin paperbacks, vineland in hardcover, a jgballard text, and a number of large format 'how-to-garden' and 'how-to-fix-stuff-around-your-house' books.

    i was able to go directly into the database and add that paragraph, and it showed up on the site. however, if i opened the post for editing, it would again disappear upon hitting 'save'. is there something in that text which wordpress prevents from publishing?

    i'm using 1.5, and a number of other posts have been made without any error.

    EDIT: here is the post in question:

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