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  • Hi,

    I am unable to edit slider images. Actually I can edit it in the slider or on the page but when I update it, the change does not take place. In the slider the edited images shows up but not on the webpage upon updating. Please help.

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  • are you scrolling up and hitting update on the top right hand side before you close out?

    Yes, don’t forget to hit the “update” button when you are done making changes.

    I’m sorry if it’s totally obvious, but where do you edit the slider?

    I’m on a local install and have multisite installed.


    No, it’s pretty well hidden.
    It’s in the MEDIA area. You go to the specific images you want to add and set them there. It should be near the very bottom of the page when you go to edit the image.

    Hi guys,
    Thank you very much for your replies. I am using Customizr theme and on my page, i have slider added on. I hit the edit button on slider and make changes there. I save the changes and update it but changes don’t take place on the webpage. Even though it shows up the edited image in edit slider but not on the page. I also tried to go through media library and remove the image totally and do the changes from the start but no success. Any other suggestions please?

    Your approach to editing the slides appears to be correct. Assuming you’re using the Update button at top-right after the edit?

    Yes, I have done it before and always worked fine but don’t know what happened just now. Also then i tried to protect 1 of the pages with password which worked initially but at second attempt it does not seem to be working. When I edit any pages text, it works fine. So not sure what`s going on. Also there is a little gap appears now on top of my slider which should not be the case.


    protect 1 of the pages with password

    Do you mean you’re trying to protect your content from pilfering? I did some research on this last year and bottom-line is you’re wasting your time. (IMHO)

    Maybe a site link would help us look at it?

    He rdell thanks for your advice. I was only trying to explore my options, I don’t need to password protect it. My main concern is the slider editing which is doing my head in. I love this theme so much so also don’t want to start again with another theme if it does not work out. here is my url:

    It is for educational and training purposes that I am building the page and I only have a week left now to finish it off. So any help would be much appreciated.


    I’m seeing 3 slides sliding (Road-Team-Roadme), looks OK. Is this before you try to change?

    no its after, on home page you will see a slider, where there is a little gap on top of slider. and if you click on the core values, you will go to second page and there is another slider. in this slider teamwork picture is bit out which i edited few times but nothing has changed.

    Gap above slider – do you mean the grey bar? Snippet

    On the Core Values page, the images need to be adjusted. Currently the dimensions are (widthxheight):
    500×849, 200×400 and 500×1280

    The recommended dimensions for all the images is 1170×500 (1200×500 if using full-width). I suggest you edit the .jpg’s to this exact size using photo editor (eg Photoshop) and then reload back into Media Library.

    yes, The grey bar under the logo.

    With images It doesn’t matter what size I edit them, the change does not take place at all. The full image comes up as it was the first time i inserted in but I can give it another go. I appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot rdell, that slider problem is over. It works like charm. The only issue I have now is that grey bar slider gap.

    The only issue I have now is that grey bar slider gap.

    This should work for all screen sizes:

    /*make slider stick to navbar for all screen sizes*/
    .attachment-slider-full {
    vertical-align: top;

    Place in Custom CSS or your child-theme’s style.css.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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