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  1. CheshireCarol
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am migrating a wordpress site from one server to another but keeping the same domain.

    I FTPed the files to the new server, and initially everything was working fine, except a few of the visual/layout components were off. I use headway, and it looked like some of the files may not have transferred completely.

    I could get into the admin panel work from there, but I wanted to try for a complete migration instead of redoing a portion of the layout.

    I downloaded the files again and then uploaded this more recent set of files to the new server, and suddenly I could not do any work from the admin panel. I could log in and see it, but I cannot update or publish any pages. I also can't import, etc-- anything that involves a change to the site via the admin dashboard.

    I began making some layout changes through the visual editor, a feature of Headway (as the layout problem had also not been fixed,) and I was able to save those changes. After the first change, some of my fonts and colors went back to the "default" setting (also don't know why). I have been able to restore those as well, manually. I'm in the middle of that process now.

    What is going on here, and most importantly, how do I fix it?

    I have until Monday (7/30/2012) to fix this before the migrated site goes live. Right now it's at http://www.tripudiamos.com/tangonyc/ And I did check that the wp-config file had the right settings.

    Thanks for your help!

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