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  • rsjb


    Hi, I’ve just uploaded my first WP site.
    I designed it on my local machine using a free template then uploaded it to the server and it’s all working hunky dory. Except I want to just change the header pic and the control panel for editing the header doesn’t load.

    So I thought the next best thing would be to edit it again on the local machine and upload the appropriate files to the server.

    That’s my problem. How do I know which files to upload or do I have to upload the entire site again.

    Any ideas on the efficient way of doing this would be great.


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  • zaydB


    Hi rsjb,

    So with wordpress certain folders need to be edited by the server in order to be able to make changes to certain features on wordpress. I assume the server you’re using is Linux based? If so then when you upload the files to the server certain files need to have certain permissions. You can read about it here

    Personally if its just a dev site and not on the internet i change the permissions on certain folders to www-data. I do this, so that wordpress is allowed to add and delete certain files. Come to think of it I think setting the permission to www-data for the uploads folder in your theme directory might be a solution to your problem.
    Please Note: Keeping the permission like that is unsafe on a live site, please follow advice given by WordPress here
    Good Luck

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