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    Heyo, I have quite a dilemna here.

    I’ve recently moved servers and subsequently upgraded to 2.03.

    I am able to write and edit posts, but I can’t edit ONE of my pages. I can edit the others just fine. Which is really weird.

    The text editor is able to load, just that when I press “Save” it simply goes back to the Create a New Post page, but nothing is saved. [The others go back to “Page Management(edit-pages.php)]

    Sometimes I even encounter a 403 Forbidden Error:

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/post.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    I haven’t touched any file permissions, only index.php and .htaccess, being at 644 and 666 respectively.

    Anyone has any idea what’s going on? =S

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  • FYI: I think file permissions are only for other users of your server, rather than how things are sent on the web. So you can have permissions set to pretty much whatever and it shouldn’t affect what gets sent to browsers and what doesn’t.

    The only thing I can suggest is that you create a new page with the same details (content, title and slug) and delete the old one.



    Hmm…now that you’ve said it, I can’t create pages either. =([edit: I can, just not with the same chuck of text.]

    It gives me the Forbidden 403 error. =/

    I’ve read around..No I don’t have the word ‘curl’, ‘lynx’ or ‘wget’ in it. =S I’ll try and find which is the word causing it. x.x

    Maybe the developers should uhh take a look at this problem and see if it’s rectifiable.

    It shouldn’t reject things based on whether or not you mention a banned user-agent… That information is only sent in the HTTP header User-agent field.

    Do you ban Lynx? Because Lynx is just a text-based browser, as far as I am aware, it’s not a grabber.



    I have no idea what you’re talking about. @.@ lol. Maybe you wanna type 403 Forbidden in the search box and read some of the discussions there. Something to do with funny mod_security and god I don’t know x.x I’ll just make an individual page out of wordpress to replace that. x.x

    Thanks for your help though!

    [edit]I just sourced out several of the threads I found: >Dude facing same problem as me. I have those codes in that particular page.



    Curl and wget: (This one has plenty of discussion which sadly I can’t comprehend.)

    Tall ships: >Some hp upgrade/zend optimizer thingy. @.@

    Also, the words might not work througout every server, it varies. Some can post ‘tall ships’ with no errors but others can’t.

    This is really weird.

    Oh, sorry, let me explain 😀

    Basically, Lynx and wget are browsers. Lynx is text-based, so it only displays text, but wget is called a content grabber because it visits a site and follows all the links, downloading what it finds to an offline store.

    Some website owners don’t like this because it eats all their bandwidth when the user might only view a couple of pages, so they block it.

    I thought you might have a custom blocking system set up, but since you’ve shown that it happens on lots of wordpress pages and not just yours, that’s obviously not the case.

    What a weird error! To my knowledge, wordpress shouldn’t do this at all. The way that browsers identify themselves is by the HTTP User-Agent header. When you request this support forum, the browser sends a request to the server that looks like this:

    GET /support/

    User-Agent: Internet Explorer 5.5

    The User-Agent part is more complicated than the one in the example, but it gives you an idea. When you submit a post, the request is similar, but the words in the post content itself shouldn’t be (and aren’t, actually) anywhere near the User-Agent header, so it’s a very strange error indeed.

    The suggested course of action is to put   between problem words like “curl” and the next word:

    curl up with a good book

    By the looks of that forum, it’s a server problem, not a wordpress one.



    Yes…really weird error I agree haha. I’ve got to admit that the page was working fine before I moved servers. But how am I suppose to explain it to my host when I email them for technical support? @.@

    Thank you for your time!

    Refer them to this page, or the forum link, or both 😉 Both pages have the problem in a bit more detail.

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