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Unable to drag widgets to sidebar when Count Per Day is enabled

  • Derek


    I’ve been troubleshooting an issue I just found on my WPMU/Buddypress multisite network and found 2 plugins to be causing the same problem. In my troubleshooting, I turned off each plugin one at a time, until I was able to move the widgets again.

    The problem:
    ALL of the network blogs including the main one, have trouble moving the widgets to their sidebars. If you try to grab the widget to drag it to the sidebar, it will not move and you end up selecting text instead. This issue only seems to affect Internet Explorer and Opera that I know of. I mainly use FireFox which is why I’m lucky I found this issue before my members did! 🙂

    The plugins found causing the issue:
    *Count Per Day

    What could be causing this issue?
    I will provide more information about my site setup if needed.

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  • Plugin Author Tom Braider


    It’s an JavaScript issue. IE until 8 seems have this problem. You could try the development version of th plugin. It’s ready for release in my eyes. Or try the flot JavaScript file in the download. Its an newer version an helps in some cases.



    Thank you for your fast response! I would love to try the dev version and test it a bit for you! I’m using I.E. 9 by the way. Would I be able to use this javascript file for CubePoints as well, or would C.P. have to design their own? As you can tell, I don’t know much about javascript.

    Plugin Author Tom Braider


    Check the compatibility mode in IE9 to be sure to see the sites really in IE9. 😉
    “My” flot Script is the original jQuery plugin. If CP uses the same i think you can try this version.
    And thanks for testing. But don’t forget the backup. 😉



    Where do I get the dev version? Has it been uploaded to the repository replacing the version I am currently using?

    When I use compatibility mode in I.E., I can actually pick up the widget, but as soon as I do, the widget stretches out to the width of the whole screen. When I try to drop the stretched out widget to the sidebar, it doesn’t stick, just disappears back to the original position.



    I think this might be just a simple incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer 9. I found that I’m not the only person having problems with wordpress and I.E. 9. Everything works perfect in firefox, and some other browsers I’ve tested on. If you google this issue, you find ALOT of people having issues with I.E. 9!

    Thank you for looking into this for me!

    One label tag it is not closed inside counter.php file (coun-per-day directory). Just close it and you are ready to go.

    More detailed instructions: here
    Hope it helps you

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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