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  • Plugin Author Will Brownsberger


    Greetings. Thanks for posting the question.

    There are no known bugs in that function and it is working fine in other installations.

    However, it does sound like a javascript error is crashing the page.

    Diagnostics to try:

    1. Possibly this is a plug in conflict. Try disabling all other plugins that might use javascript or jquery and then return to the page (via the menu, so you are getting a fresh copy). This shouldn’t happen because the key functions are all in a self-executing anonymous namespace.
    2. A less likely possibility is that you have an old copy of the javascript that supports the page. Do a shift-refresh to make sure you are not carrying an older incompatible copy of the javascript module that supports the page — since you tried multiple browsers, that is not likely.
    3. To see what javascript is complaining about, right click some place on the page and do an “inspect element”. Then, click on the console tab. Leave the console tab open and navigate to and from the upload map. If there is a javascript error occurring when the page is loaded it should show on the console and I would very much like to know what you are seeing.
    4. I’m assuming that you are talking about the drag and drop interface for mapping fields in the upload process. Also, I’m assuming you are using it as intended — attempting to drag fields from the right hand column headed “Upload fields to be mapped”.

    Eager to hear the result of your further experiments. If there is a plug-in compatibility issue, I should be able to bulletproof to avoid it.

    Note: This issue should not be sensitive to browser choice (unless you were using something really ancient, which you clearly aren’t).

    Thanks! You were right, i disabled one of my other plugins and it was fine. Thanks very much!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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