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    Now that I’ve updated my site to WordPress 5.4, I am unable to select a given block and manually drag it to another block. For example, I want to duplicate a heading in my first column, and drag and drop that into my next column. It is only allowing me to move the block around using the “Move Up/Down” arrow tools within the column. Another example is I want to drag an existing block into a Group block. What is going on?

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  • Hi @kforte!

    That doesn’t sound great. If you don’t mind providing us with more info with the hopes we can troubleshoot the issue:

    Are you using the Gutenberg plugin?
    What browser and version are you using?
    What theme are you using? Have you also checked if the theme has any pending updates?

    Hi again @kforte!

    I just found that there is a reported bug about the block movers dissappearing from the block when the block toolbar is set to display on top. Is that your case?

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    That’s it!!! Oh my goodness thank you. Deep depression was about to set in. Thank you!!

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    I’m having the same issue, but I much prefer having the toolbar on top… is this issue going to actually be fixed??

    Hi @sarahsas!

    I believe it will. You can follow along the progress here

    ah good! I shall follow and wait with bated breath! 🙂 thank you!


    Hi, I am having a similar issue. I am a first-time WP user, so still trying to get a hang of things.

    When you say “block toolbar is set to display on top“, do you mean that if this setting is changed, I will be able to drag and drop blocks around the page?

    If yes, then where can I change this setting?

    (I am using WP 5.4.2, on a self-hosted plan, with free Generatepress theme. My Plesk Panel says everything is up-to-date.)

    Hi @kasin78!

    The setting to change the placement of the block toolbar can be found in ‘More tools & options’ menu, located on the top-right corner of the editor (the three dots).

    It is the first option in there, called ‘Top toolbar’.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi @nrqsnchz!

    Apologize for the delay in response. I finally did check out the More Tools & Options Menu. Funny, I hadn’t noticed it before you mentioned.

    Unfortunately, the toolbar is not set to top. It “floats” (if that’s the word to describe it) just above the block I am working with. Doesn’t stick to the top of the editor, like it did when I changed the settings.

    However, even with the floating toolbar, I don’t get the option to drag and drop. I am currently using this workaround:

    1. copy the block I want to move
    2. paste it where I want it moved to
    3. remove the original instance of the block


    Hope this gets resolved soon. Drag and drop sure would make life easier!

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi @kasin78,

    Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with this. It sounds like yours is a different issue then.

    Do you see two arrows (up and down) next to the block toolbar on the left side? You should be able to click on those in order to move the block.

    Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the block by clicking and holding on the drag handle that sits between these two arrows.

    If instead, you are using the Gutenberg plugin, these interface has been updated a bit and the two arrows now appear to the right of the block icon in the toolbar. You can still drag and drop by clicking and holding the block icon.

    Hello again @nrqsnchz!

    I decided to try this with a fresh install. No change though! 🙁

    In default WP block editor, I do see the up and down arrows on the left, and the drag handle in-between them. My mouse-pointer changes to the open hand icon on the drag handle. But when I click and hold it down, it doesn’t drag. Only the mouse pointer (back in its default arrow mode) moves.

    With the Gutenberg plugin installed, I don’t get the drag handle, but the mouse pointer changes into the open hand icon by hovering over the block icon next to the up/down arrows. Still can’t drag though.

    The up/down arrows work fine, although only within the parent container of the block. I can’t move a block out, into a different container. I’m assuming this is normal behavior for the arrows.

    I had the same problem, suddenly the blocks could no longer be dragged like before, the thing is, there is no drag control between the up and down arrows, but if you hover over them and drag them, it works

    Pat K


    Unfortunately in WP v5.5 the drag handle was removed from the interface. This problem (no obvious way to drag and drop blocks using the floating toolbar) was also reported here:

    This is completely unintuitive and makes the editing process significantly more cumbersome. PLEASE REPLACE THE DRAG HANDLE. Horrible UX & UI design.

    @blackcapdesign Completely agree. It’s very frustrating not being able to drag and drop blocks as needed.

    Same problem. Really would be great to have this fixed.

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