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  • How are you using the plugin: through PHP call (template) or shortcode [RSSImport …] ?

    Through the shortcode novaclic.

    Juste checked using this sample code:
    [RSSImport display=”15″ feedurl=”” displaydescriptions=”true” html=”true” start_items=”

      ” end_items=”

    ” error=””]

    And I indeed go up to 15, as expected…

    I used the same starting sequence but kept it short with just the display number and the feed url. None of the information after the url end bracket. Make sense? Regardless of the number I put in, it would not display past 10.

    It might be a standard setting of WordPress causing the issue and overriding the plugin settings. 10 posts is the default limit set by WordPress in Settings –> Reading. Go there and change that to the higher number and see if that solves the issue.

    deanhewson – thanks for your suggestion but that did not fix it. any other plugins that can display an unlimited amount of feeds from basically one url source? thank you:-)

    novaclic, are you saying in your example that is a shortcode and that the number can be anything? i know that sounds like a stupid question and thanks in advance.

    I’m having the same issue – tried the suggestions and still limited to 10.

    Any ideas?



    @leadology: sorry, missed your question. Yes, it is a shortcode (to be used in a post or a page), and you may choose the number of items from your feed you want.

    @fms95032: have you made sure that your feed (source) has more than 10 items? If yes: could you post the code you use to display your feed?

    As said, it’s working live and in my test environnement!

    thanks for the follow up.

    The source has about 50 posts ( is a site) Also have the same issue with the same code pointing to which also has about 50 posts.

    The code for the page


    [RSSImport display=”20″ displaydescriptions=true feedurl=””]

    From what I understand the display sets the number of posts in the feed to appear.

    Is there something on the wordpress source site to set that would remove the limit of 10 posts?



    @fms9532: sorry for the late reply.

    Your source feed ( has indeed only 10 items (display in browser, view source, search for <item> and count).

    RSSimport cannot display more items than available in the source RSS 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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