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    Hello Dario, I just installed themelia, thank you for the theme, it looks great. However, there are some problems I face ;

    1. How to display the image in the post? On the previous theme I used, the image displayed correctly. Please take a look at

    2. How to create widget “Popular Post” on themelia?

    3. How to change the color of the header?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Theme Author Dario Devcic


    Hello @rsardani, thank you for using Themelia!

    1. Just add a featured Image in post. Themelia support featured images in posts and pages by default.

    2. You may use one of many plugin widgets from the official plugin repo.

    3. Go to customizer and look for “Site Title and Header”. To access the Customizer from the dashboard, you can go to Appearance → Customize. Also when you change this option you may want to change Main navigation links color. So look for customizer section “Main navigation”. All this and more is explained in readme.txt file that is packed with the theme. Also here

    Hi Dario, thanks for replying. However, the problem is still there

    I’ve included the image on the post. But it still doesn’t show. I’ve take screenshot of that image in the post and, the article post. Also I’ve take screenshots of other theme with that post with correctly displayed image.

    I was wondering how I can send you the screenshots.

    or, Should I just re isntalling themelia?

    Theme Author Dario Devcic


    You can share screenshots over or
    Please upload screenshots of the backend, of both themes.

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    Hello Dario,

    this is the screenshot of the backend of the post:

    this is the screenshot of the article :

    and, this is the screenshot of other theme :

    Theme Author Dario Devcic


    Looking into browser console I see 14 javascript errors. In the source code I see that you are using some image lazy load plugin along with caching plugin. Lazy load plugin is using ImagesLoaded jQuery plugin which is not initialized. Check screenshot and also check your browser console, you will find the same thing. I believe that the same error will occur in every other theme you activate.
    Try to deactivate caching plugin first and if error persist deactivate lazy load plugin as well. I think that this issue is conflict of these two plugins.

    Hi Dario,

    I’ve deactivated the caching plugin.
    and I don’t have lazy load plugin installed

    however, the image still won’t show

    Theme Author Dario Devcic


    You definitely do have lazy load plugin installed, and the plugin name is Crazy Lazy
    But that alone should not be a problem. That plugin works properly with the Themelia theme. Along with the Crazy Lazy plugin, you use some other plugin that is the reason for broken javascript on your site

    Theme Author Dario Devcic


    Most suspicious plugin on your site is search-permalink.php. Is this maybe following plugin? – “Search Permalink” Last updated 10 years ago.

    Hi Dario, thanks for the response

    I’ve remove the “search permalink”

    but the problem still there

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    Theme Author Dario Devcic


    OK here is my last try. You are also using Speed Booster Pack plugin. This plugin do lazy load images and also defer parsing of JavaScript files. Deferring and minifying of JavaScript may cause JavaScript errors. Try to deactivate this plugin. In general, whenever you see broken JavaScript in browser console, first thing is locate the plugin that causes it.

    Hi Dario, thanks for the response

    I’ve deleted Speed Boster Pack Plugin.

    And I also I’ve deactivated WP-Optimize Plugin.

    It works.

    The image displayed correctly on the article, but no image thumbnail on the homepage. How to display the thumbnail ?

    Hi Dario,

    few more questions, I hope these don’t bothered you 🙂

    – how to achieve an A-A pagespeed as in themelia preview demo,
    what kind of setting do you use?

    -what plugin are recommended for themelia beside this two plugins :

    – how to change or remove “Read More”

    Theme Author Dario Devcic


    Theme Author Dario Devcic


    “Read More” – you can translate this string. Themelia is 100% translation-ready theme. For instance you could use “Loco Translate” plugin or you can edit po file with “Poedit” or “Eazy PO”. Check my answer here

    Also you can hide it with CSS like this (Just drop it in Customize -> Additional CSS):

    .entry-more-link {
        display: none;

    Hi Dario,
    all problem are solved

    Thank you very much for the support you gave

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