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    I searched but did not find a reference to my exact problem: As admin, I am unable to delete users. When I check the appropriate boxes to delete a user I get the following message when I click “Update:”

    “The requested URL /slog/wp-admin/(EmptyReference!) was not found on this server.”

    I also tried lowering the user level as suggested as step number one before trying to delete a user, but I am unable to do so and receive the same message as above. Up till recently I have been running my blog locally using XAMPP and had no problems doing the above actions. I have uploaded the exact same files to a web server but the delete function does not work. Any suggestions?
    Thanks! DB~

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  • So you followed the Moving WordPress directions when you moved to a different server?

    Yes… I do believe I did. This problem with users appears to be the only one I have— All other blog functions work fine!
    My guess is that the “admin-users.php” file is what “EMPTY REFERENCE” refers to in the error message. However, that file is very much in place on the server. Hmmmmmmm???

    Did you check the file on the server to see if it was actually the file it should be? Did you try deleting the existing one and uploading a new one?

    vkaryl- You read my mind: I was just about to try uploading a new filr, though the one on my server, to the best of my knowledge, is “virginal,” i.e. no tweaking, right right of the WordPress box. I’ll try it though.
    Thanks, DB!

    Well, let’s hope the “easy” fix is the right one. Thing is, a “virginal” uploaded file is still going cause problems if something corrupted it during the upload….

    vkaryl- I uploaded a “virginal” file but no luck. Sigh… I’m using Adobe GoLive to ftp all the blog files and I just examined the “Error” tab and I see that it indicates a missing link in the “admin-user.php” file. I took another look at the page in my browser and when I point to the “Update” submit button,(which one would normally click to delete users), the IE progress bar shows “No Reference.” So that appears to be where the problem lies. When the “Update” submit button is clicked the reference should be to “wp-admin-users.php” but in this case there is no link indicated. What I find mysterious about this is that the EXACT same files are on my local machine and they work flawlessly! Oh boy, now I’m really confused. Any and all ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

    Edit above post: The GoLive error tab says in reference to the wp-admin-users.php file: “Contains one or more invalid links.”

    Additional comment: The “Add User” submit button in the same page has the identical problem as the “Update” submit button:
    There is no referenced link. What could have caused the two submit buttons on that page to have lost their link? All other submit buttons on the site seem to work flawlessly. I’m mystified!


    More Detective Work:
    The following is a snippet of the HTML generated for the Authors and Users page:

    <form action=”(EmptyReference!)” method=”post” name=”updateusers” id=”updateusers”>

    Any idea why the “Empty Reference” was generated?
    Thanks… DB~

    If anyone is still out there, my problem turned out to be a GoLive specific, not a WordPress issue.

    Just got back, today wasn’t a real “simple” day…. sorry I was among the missing, because as soon as I read GoLive above I thought – “oy, there’s your problem….”

    Best to just use a vanilla ftp client for uploading….

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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