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  • Scenario. I tried to edit the default category and rename it after I had made first post to newly setup wp 2.0 installation. The edit on the category succeded and even showed up in the editor as well as on the post. However refreshing the main page of the blog (not the admin console) caused the category to regress to Uncateorized.

    So, I decided to add a new category, change it to the default and then delete the original “Uncategorized” category. The admin console hangs with a “processing data…” message in this event. I am unable to delete this category.

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  • Have you tried cleaning the wp-cache ?

    Hi Ajay. I’m new to the cahcing in WP2 and didn’t add the wp-cache plugin when I was on 1.5 so I am not quite sure how to clear the cache. – Trip

    The cache folder is in wp-content

    I think you will need to delete the contents of it and try.

    Thanks Ajay. I will check it out. I have noticed that uploads went there while on 1.5 so I will have to check and see what else is laying around. If all else fails I will hit the database. – Trip

    I think this is a bug. Most users won’t have access to this directory in any event. I am finding similar problems with rss feeds, they don’t always pick up odcast enclosures correctly; especially if you cange the link. If this is a cache thing then we have a serious issue here.

    I fixed this problem by disabling the WordPress cache. This however presents a problem for me. I do not give file level access to users whom I host. As a webhost and blogger this presents a major deal.

    I helped another user out with WP 2.0 cache problems related to the editor. I would suggest shipping WP 2.0 with the cache disabled by default.

    How does one actually submit a bug report? – Trip

    I found the bug submission page. I will file a report and report the issue. This problem manifested itself in such a manner that it wouldn’t even let me rename the default Uncategorized category.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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