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  • Copied all the files on to the webserver (hosted by into a subdirectory folder (i.e. web access via.

    Config.php was correct because it could make connections to the database (when I purposely introduced an error in config.php, it told me it couldn’t connect to the database, etc).

    After Step 1 and entering a title and email address, the process would halt/stop/freeze in the middle of Step 2, the creation of the database tables. Jeremy Visser, one of the Install4Free guys attempted to assist with the install, but even he was stumped and suggested that I post this on the forums.

    Below are some of steps he performed:

    The exact steps are as such:

    1. Created database named ‘jangness_wp’
    2. Created user named ‘jangness_wp’ and gave it full privileges to the
    ‘jangness_wp’ database.
    3. Uploaded WordPress and filled in database configuration.
    4. Ran the install at
    5. Filled in blog name and email address, and proceeded with the install.
    6. WordPress hangs.

    I have tried with both the latest stable releases of WordPress 2.1 and
    2.0 (2.1 and 2.0.8, respectively) and they both have more or less the
    same problem.

    I did, however, create a test PHP script that connects to the database
    and retrieves a row from the wp_options table (when I upload a
    pre-filled database from my computer) and it works fine.

    Link is here:

    You will receive the message ‘Nothing retrieved’ because I have since
    deleted database tables to start over. If you upload a pre-filled
    WordPress database it will succeed, oddly.

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  • Sounds like your MySQL user account doesn’t have the right access levels. Make sure the account has the ability to use CREATE or is just set to ALL.

    nope, the account has CREATE enabled – in fact all privileges are enabled (Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Create, Drop, Alter, Index, Grant, Reference, Create tmp tables, Lock Tables)


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