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    I don’t see any screenshot.
    What is the exact error message you get?

    Thanks for letting me know.

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    It seems your hosting server IP is blocked by the MailChimp firewall. When you are on shared hosting you share the IP address with a number of other websites on the same server. It is possible that someone else did something (bad) to get the shared IP on the blocked list.

    Akamai is the firewall service MailChimp uses to protect their servers, which is why this is somewhat harder to fix. We recommend you to change your IP address because having a bad reputation at Akamai does not just affect the MailChimp API, but several other websites as well.

    There are various ways to fix this:

    • Ask your webhost for a new IP address.
    • Migrate to a new webhost if your hosting company is unwilling to fulfill your request.
    • Configure your server to connect to the MailChimp API server using a proxy.

    If you have SSH access to your hosting server, you can execute cURL from the terminal manually like this:


    But replace us1 with your Mailchimp server (last part of your API key, and add your API key to the end instead of YOUR KEY HERE

    This will show a more detailed error.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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