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Unable to Comment in My Own Blog

  • Hey everyone,

    All of the sudden, as of today, when I try to respond to viewer comments on my blog by adding a comment, nothing happens. I type in the text, click submit and the comment just doesn’t show up on my blog. Now the only thing I did differently to my blog today was to fix a broken link within one of my posts. So do any of you know what might be causing this?


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  • Do you see your comment in admin? (edit –> comments).
    Can anyone else comment?

    Hi Class,
    I cannot see my comments in admin. I did receive one comment this morning but that’s it. So I don’t know whether or not others can comment. If I can’t comment on my blog from my work computer, I don’t know that others will be able to either.


    Hm, maybe your host is having problems? Do you have access to the db or http server logs?
    I guess it’s hard to see after such short time but do you notice a “pattern” in the comments date/time added? Like no comments between 5-7PM?

    I haven’t checked for that. It’s not like I have that many comments. I was able to respond to comments last night.


    Moderator James Huff


    Check your list of Users (under the Users tab) for any blank users. If you find any, delete them ASAP. Check your comment blacklist for any blank lines, punctuation marks, single letters, etc. Also, try posting a comment with all plugins disabled.

    I’ve disable all but one of my plugins and now the problem is fixed. Thanks everyone.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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