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  1. mayra
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    I seem to be unable to comment any password protected posts. This seems to relate to the theme (connections) I'm using. There was an earlier thread on this: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/40637?replies=10

    There was also a solution if I understood the discussions corretly, but the "how-to" part eluded me. Viper007Bond wrote: "Change the names of the fields back to default, specificly the password field in the comments area."

    I would highly appreciate Your help in this. Especially helpful would be the specific lines of code and an exact pointer as where to enter them in the theme's .php-files.

    As you might have quessed I am not exactly fluent in .php and thus the answer could save me - and probably other connections users - a lot of trouble and sleep. I think this is a good plase to say please.

    Yours, Mäyris

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