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  • Hi,

    I installed the MailChimp plugin a few weeks ago and it worked fine. However, within the past week or two I am now unable to click the subscribe button. It’s as if it’s not there. I’m able to enter my email and name, but then can’t click “Subscribe”.

    Any help you can give me? I’ve heard there’s some problems with javascript or jquery. Also, it could be a problem with one of the plugins installed… but I don’t know.

    The widget is on the sidebar of



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  • Hey Michael,

    I took a look at your site at the index.php address and I was similarly seeing that the subscribe button was not working.

    Generally issues like this are related to a Javascript conflict on the page, so you have a few options in moving forward.

    One option would be to use our embed code sign up form, which MailChimp provides to you for each list in your account. The embed code allows you to generate a version of your sign up form with no Javascript, which would allow you to avoid any potential Javascript conflicts altogether. However, the interaction would be slightly different in that subscribers are directed to another page, rather than the on-page validation messages, which Javascript provides. I’d definitely recommend this first option as a starting point, as it allows you to more definitively say whether this issue is in fact a JS-related issue.

    Here’s a link to find that embed code:
    How can I add my signup form to my website?:

    And to generate a no-JS version, you can use the “Classic form” and disable javascript in its options, or use the Naked Form.

    The other option would be to troubleshoot what specifically is causing the conflict. To do that, your best bet is to enable the plugin’s sign up form, then disable all other JS on your site. Slowly re-enable each bit of Javascript code and continue to test the sign up form after each re-enabling. When the sign up form stops working, you’ll then get a better idea of what other plugin or piece of Javascript code is causing the sign up form to no longer work.

    If you have anymore questions, just let us know!

    Thanks so much! I decided to just use the embed code. Thanks again for your help.

    Could you please take a look at the plug in on our website – one moment it works, and the next it doesn’t?

    I have tried turning off all of the plugins and reactivating them one by one, when I first turned them all off, the plugin worked again, then I started reactivating them one at a time, and the first plugin reactivated stopped it working, when I turned this off again the mailchimp plugin remained not working. see here: – the signup form on the right hand side of the page.

    I have left all of the other plugins turned off.

    Hey hey,

    Thanks for writing in to the forum. I went ahead and tested the sign up form on your site and I was able to get the “Success” message after clicking “Join Us”.

    Can you confirm if you’re able to see that message on your end? If you are able to, are you receiving the confirmation email at the email address you signed up with?

    Also, can you verify which browsers you’ve tested the interaction with, and the issues or non-issues you’ve seen with each one?


    thats reassuring – apparently its just not working for me? i am using firefox 18.0.1. I am not sure if this is just something happening to me – but my business partner keeps tellig me that this is not working properly?

    Hey there,

    In testing the form in Firefox, I was able to get the success message as well, seen here:

    Can you confirm that you’re not able to see this success message at all on your end, in any environment? Also, are you seeing any confirmation emails sent to the email addresses you’re signing up with? Generally, the interaction should be consistent, but I’d recommend ensuring that you and your colleague don’t have any active plugins on the browser-level that would be causing the interaction to not work as well.

    As an alternative, you may consider using our embed code (which we provide in your MailChimp account) inside of a WordPress widget. The embed code will allow you to turn off Javascript notifications, so rather than the success message appearing on the form itself, clicking “Join Us” will direct them to a separate ‘thank you’ page.

    Here’s more info on the embed code:
    How can I add my signup form to my website?:

    When selecting which embed code to use, I’d suggest using the Classic Form and Disabling Javascript (disabling javascript will be an option under “options” on the embed code page).

    Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing back!

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