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  • Hey all, hopefully someone will know what I’m talking about but I’m having difficulty some difficulty with the Syntax theme that I purchased from Mojo-themes. The issues I’m having are:

    a) getting my navigation menu to show up and
    b) changing it

    Detail for problem a) If I revert to Twenty-Eleven I don’t have any issues, the navigation menu shows up fine and can be changed by just choosing a different one under “Primary Navigation”. However with Syntax the menu may show up for an instant upon refreshing the page but then it disappears and is only visible as a faint gray line above my piecemaker slider. I can still access the drop-downs, but only from the front page. I have the feeling this has more to do with the theme and I’m waiting on a response from the creator about it.

    Detail for problem b) The more perplexing problem is that I cannot change the menu that shows up when using this theme. I can set it under “Primary Navigation” and it will save and everything, but then when I go to view the home page the same one menu always shows up, regardless of which I have selected under “primary navigation”. I’ve tried looking through the databases using phpMyAdmin to find wherever the menu is selected that is to be displayed on the front page and I’ve found where the menus are stored (wp_terms) but I can’t find where one of those menus is selected to be the primary navigation menu.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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