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  • Hi, Ted,

    I’m facing the same issue and i try to associate with a Mac then i add an error messages on FACEBOOK say that i have to require “publish_actions” for my Apps.

    I just complete the form and send it for approval, I think you have to do the same first…

    I will let you know the result when it’s done.

    Kind Regards,



    Thanks for the reply. I think I’ve done that. The application has been approved and all the additional fields required for for Facebook Login (as described here) have been filled in (I am not seeing any errors in the Facebook Debugger).

    Just out of curiosity, how are you “requiring” publish_actions? Where are you seeing these error messages?



    In the Facebook Apps site:
    Status Review
    Submit apps and add the “publish_action” item on the list complete the text and add the print screen then send for review…

    Hmmm… I had Publish an Article selected as that is what some documentation I read somewhere suggested I do. I’m doing the other one now, though, just in case.


    i’m having the same issue. i dont think is the social plugin, since i’ve done it before on 3.8 WP without problem.
    There is a plugin conflict in the 3.9.1 WP version….
    My opinion, you can wait for a new release (Facebook or WordPress), or try to downgrade WP to 3.8

    I also have this exact same problem. I’ve tried a variety of browsers but nothing works.

    @pokr777 How do you know there is a plug-in conflict? Have you seen a bug report or have some other kind of debugging output that confirms this? If so, any idea which plug-ins are conflicting? Downgrading is not an option for me at this time.

    Everyone: I’m sure the developers would find it extremely helpful if you could follow the steps I’ve detailed above and and either confirm or contrast your results, including version numbers (wordpress, plug-in, PHP, and maybe even list other plug-ins you have active).

    I would try to debug it myself but I simply do not understand the Facebook side of things (not sure what is supposed to happen and what output I’m supposed to see). In other words, in my case, it’s not for a lack of tools but rather a lack of in-depth documentation (Facebook API documentation).



    Facebook back my authorisation application because they said we already have-it…
    So still back in the issue, i’m also convinced that the error is due to WP version…

    Hi thorin_II,

    I’m having the same issue. Seems that Facebook changed policy about permissions recently, but an appropriate documentation is not given. Neither good examples are found on Google.

    FB rejected my authorization application with the following explaination:

    The following items were not reviewed due to general issues with your app:
    Notes from our review team
    You do not need to request these permissions because your blog or CMS is integrated with an app that you admin. As an App admin, you can already access these permissions and post to your Timeline or a page you admin. You can provide access to additional users by adding them as developers of your App.

    As you can see, I asked for an authorization to use “publish_actions” to let the FB plugin to post on my FB page timeline.

    No joy. Any idea?

    Ted, i’m not an expert, but if this plugin worked for me just fine with an earlier version of WP, i suppose that the conflict is between this plugin and the new 3.9.1 version.
    Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing

    And Carlo, if what you say is true, this is so not good. Means is gonna be even more complicated to use this plugin. Hope we will find soon some tutorials over the web.

    Bad news 🙁 I was wrong! I just made a downgrade to 3.8.3 of WP, and the issue is still there…cannot “Add a Facebook account to your WordPress account”. There is still a blank spot. And i even deleted the wp-content folder also. And uploaded the default. And the issue goes on 🙁 DAMN

    @pokr777, yes, more or less, this is the same issue. That said, I’m pretty sure that if you resolve a few issues on the Facebook app page you’ll see what I see. To do that, click the Debugger link in the Facebook menu of your wordpress installation. You’ll see which items you need to resolve.

    However, as we’re both experiencing, even if you do resolve those issues, it still doesn’t work and as you can see in my case, you may end up with two links, neither of which works.

    Please, developers, point us in the right direction.


    If i look at your pic you should be fine. My issue at the moment is (sorry if I repeat) :
    * Click on Facebook plugin : – insert app ID
    – insert app secret
    – Save
    * Click on Social Publisher : – Add a Facebook account…
    – takes me to my profile
    – scroll down, and nothing is there, as you have those 2 blue links, i don’t have nothing there
    If i insert the 2 app id and secret from another FB app, that is running without a problem on another website, is still the same.
    Fb didn’t upgrade it’s plugin , i went on 3.8.3 as i successfully installed the other one; so nothing should change.
    What i will try now is to create a new app, wait for approval, and just after approval i will insert the 2 codes and go on with the installation.
    Thanks for the reply Ted. I will let you know if it will work after i will get the new app approved. Working on it.

    This is what i get now
    After i accept it goes in a continuous loop. I dont know, guess i’m gonna try some other app.
    + when you try to integrate the open graph, there are some new versions. So another opinion: is not the WP version, is not the plugin version, is Facebook. And i mean the open graph section.
    I really hope this plugin is made by
    Release an update!!!!!!!

    Jesse Pearson


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    I have wasted half a day on trying to get this working, as well.

    I created the app, and I initially got the pop up to link the User to FB, but then it goes nowhere after that. When I go into the debugger on the plugin, I see that the user is not linked.

    I created a test app under my app, and I get the same thing.

    I did go into Open Graph and set up “people can publish an article”, as described in #2 in the Open Graph prerequisites within the plugin. Still no go.

    What are you guys using for all of the screenshots they are requesting for user flow?

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