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    This is a fantastic plugin. Thank you so much for creating. I am having an issue with one of the installations however. I have installed this on a few sites running on Linux servers with no problem and it works great! I have a client site now that I have installed this on that is running on a windows server and it is having some issues. I have been working closely with the webhost to try and find the issues with the site, and this is the latest he has come up with. I dont see why it would work fine on all other sites and now not work on this one. Please advise, it is not even a matter of really getting it to work at this point, we just need to know what the reason is for it breaking. I was going to try and message you all this but I could not find an option to PM you. Thanks again I appreciate the help and love the plugin!


    1. When the Database Script was installed there was an error in the Sessions table script which kept it from being created. We had to delete the highlighted text and then run a manual insertion on the database.

    create table if not exists[prefix]sessions (
    id int(10) unsigned not null auto_increment,
    session_id varchar(50) not null,
    ip_address varchar(16) default ‘0’ not null,
    user_agent varchar(255) not null,
    last_activity datetime not null,
    user_data text default ” not null,
    unique key sid (session_id),
    primary key (id)
    a. You cannot predefine a text value to <blank> in MySQL

    2. All but 2 of the Ecommerce Shopping tables have an “id” field that is set to Auto Increment. This is normal. What is not normal in the insert portion of a SQL statement is to identify that “id” as it will automatically grab the next number. Unfortunately, on every page that does an insert it specifies that “id” field as <blank> thus we get an error, but it is not displayed and you have to enable debug logging of wordpress to see it.

    3. I manually ran this query which I pulled from one of the pages directly on the database table “product_categories” and the insert failed on the highlighted section.

    Insert into wp_simpleecommcart_product_categories (id,name,description) VALUES (”,’Test 3′,’Test 3′)

    4. I manually ran this query where I pulled out the “id” field because it is auto incrementing so it does not need to be inserted and everything worked just fine

    Insert into wp_simpleecommcart_product_categories (name,description) VALUES (Test 3′,’Test 3′)

    5. Once I manually inserted a couple of records we then have the ability to modify those records via the normal admin pages so the Update/Delete works just fine it is only the Insert statements that do not work on tables that have the Auto Increment “id” field.

    Is there any chance that you may have uploaded an old (buggy) version of this plugin? We could try to manually remove all of these “id” insert statements, but that means that we would never be able to update the plugin for fear of going through this same issue.

    I would be curious to hear what the developer of the plug-in has to say, but there appears to be something definitely wrong with the code.

    Let me know if I did not explain this very well.


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    This is not a bug , I have got hundreds of clients wo are using it on a windows host.

    U ave tested your problem and it does work windows.

    I believe its a permission issue on your windows hosting. Also do not try to insert any data manually, it is supposed to work without any manual intervention.

    I would say , get the permission going and install fresh from scratch.

    Also make sure you dont have any other plugin installed at the start.




    Thanks so much, ill give it a try and let you know

    Plugin Author n.showket



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