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  • Hi!

    Some days ago when I was about to change the language for my blog, it just went blank (just uploaded the lang file, didnt even edit the wp-congig :S). I was still able to use the admin panel, but the blog itself whas unable to reach. So i made a few backups of everything and then decided to upload the new smashing 2.3.2, it told me it had to convert something with the databases, fine by me I thought. All my old posts, comments and everything is still there and I’m very satisfied – BUT nobody can reach the comments, not even me, only from the admin panel can I edit them. All options about comments is turned on.

    You can visit the blog here but its in swedish.

    Hope you can help! 🙂
    You can

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  • Ok, despite the fact that nobody had a solution I managed to solve the problem. I looked at that Night-girl or whatever she called herself and thought that my problem was similar. The url to the comments and the blog and everything is correct, but i recalled i had changed the permalink structure. So I changed it back and BAM. Great job, myself! 🙂

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