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  • I have successfully installed and configured the plugin settings. I have tried to post a test Event. But I could not able to finish it as the locations are not updating

    On locations page…I can able to enter the location. But it is not showing up in overall locations list . This it is not affecting the “Add event” section too.

    Can you please tell why the locations are not showing up in the list?

    WordPress version : 3.2.1
    Plugin Version : latest
    Multisite Environment ? Yes
    Buddypress ? No
    Did I Enabled Multisite options in events manager plugin options? No

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    not sure what you mean here, do locations actually show in the admin locations area?

    Sorry ! I didn’t make my-self clear . I am adding the screen shots now

    In the 1 screen shot: I have added a Venue address and the system accepted it -

    Screen shot 2 : The locations page doesn’t show any venue added -
    3 ) No location is shown up :
    4) Failure of Event submission because, there are no locations –

    In simple words, the locations were accepted , but were n’t shown up under ‘locations’ section

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    check your permission settings in Events ~ Settings ~ User caps and make sure you can see other locations or own the locations, that’s probably why

    Marcus ,

    All the permissions are set to Administrator and editor by default. To replicate the issue, I have set the permissions to all user roles. But the locations issue was not solved yet

    The plugin is installed in a fresh installation of Multisite installation and just activated on one sub-site which I am talking about

    Can you please have a look at settings , if I give you the login details

    I think it is because of some other plugins on my WordPress installation. I will check what plugin is causing that issue

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    i don’t check free user installs but will look into it asap and see if this happens to me.

    I am having the same problem (or something that shows up the same way) in my multisite installation at (subsite: I have a bit more information which leads me to think that the issue is between the Locations UI and the database.

    When I go to Events – Locations – Add New and enter data, I get a message saying the location/venue was successfully added. However, when I go to the list of Locations, it shows that there are no venues. However, if I try to re-add the venue and look at the slug, it appears with a numerical prefix (galaxy-theatre-2, for example). So I think the location is being entered into the database but isn’t being pulled up by the UI.

    Also, if I add an event, the location does show up as soon as I start typing the first few letters. (I’m not using drop-down for locations, but pre-entered locations do prefill as I type.)

    I’m running WordPress 3.2, Event Manager 4.13, and am signed in as the network administrator (I’ve also tried it as an Editor and a site administrator)


    Yes! My installation is of Multisite . But the problem is not because of Multisite and neither installation nor server settings. I could able to see the venues and create them without any problem. Just I had to chose ‘Yes’ under ‘~settings~General options~Use dropdown for locations?’ So that venue adding problem has been solved.

    Regarding Locations display… Both my locations - and all locations- tabs show only the locations used in Venues. They won’t display the locations you add manually . I have created 5 indiviual locations manually using ~settings~locations~add new. But none of them displayed under the list and the location entered in a venue has been pulled up. I don’t know if it is a default behavior or some thing missing .

    The location list box under ‘ settings~add event~location ‘ just takes the locations from the venues already added and not the locations added manually trough ~Settings~locations~add new. So @jmek , chose ‘no’ under ‘~settings~General options~Use dropdown for locations’.If you chose ‘yes’ and attempting to create first venue, you will never be able to create venues as the plugin try to grab the location from venues . I think Marcus should look into this problem(Location display added manually)

    @marcus ,
    Can you tell me what is the actual purpose of this ‘settings~locations~ add new ‘ option ?

    @vbk100: Thanks for the extra info. I find I can add locations with events, which provides a workaround. BTW, switching between “Yes” and “No” for the “Use dropdown for locations” did not make it possible for me to add locations separately, as it appears to have done for you.

    @marcus: I see at least one other thread in these forums where a mutlisite installation has difficulty with adding locations. Is this a known problem that will be addressed, or are we misunderstanding something?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    well, there’s three people here with this problem, that’s it. I need more ppl to act on it faster. if you can get back to me with the common denominator, I’ll gladly fix it, very quickly if it’s not complicated (probably isn’t).

    Hi Marcus,

    I have the same issue:
    Multiside Installation (subdomain)
    Plugin active on a single subdomain.

    We are using it since version 3.something, recently upgraded to the newest 4. If the user adds new locations, they are not shown in the location-list and not in the dropdown at the new-event page, but get created in the database. I cannot see any differences in the em_locations table between the old and new entries, but I can send you a db-dump, if you want to.

    Also, if I change the settings to NOT use the dropdown, all entries get pulled out of the database.

    All capabilites are checked for admins and editors.

    If you need any more info I’ll be glad to help, as this bug really bugs me (or lets see, the user bugged by the bug bugs me 😉

    Best wishes, and thanks for the great plugin!

    Oh, and after reading this

    I can confirm: Adding one event with the new location makes it appear in the location list. Magic!

    When I echo the sql in file classes/em-locations.php it outputs:

    hp2006_19_em_locations.location_id FROM hp2006_19_em_locations LEFT JOIN hp2006_19_em_events ON hp2006_19_em_locations.location_id=hp2006_19_em_events.location_id WHERE (<code>recurrence</code>!=1 OR <code>recurrence</code> IS NULL) AND (<code>blog_id</code>=19)
    GROUP BY hp2006_19_em_locations.location_id ORDER BY location_name ASC

    Using that in phpmyadmin gives me the list with entries missing.
    If I delete the “AND (blog_id=19)” it gives me the result I’m wanting. But every entry in the events table has blog_id 19.
    So here’s the error: It leftjoins the event-table and thereby can only select locations, where there already is an event with the location ID used. Why are you doing a left join on the events page? Is that for the option of using a global table? I have that disabled though.

    I think we are shortly before squishing that bug 😉

    To all the others with the same problem, try this quick fix and see if it helps

    function fix_em_for_multisite($conditions){
    	return $conditions;
    add_filter('em_locations_build_sql_conditions', 'fix_em_for_multisite');
    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    was playing around with this just now… it’s a gray area since everyone here assumes that events SHOULD be shared across sites. If I change it, I’ll get another group of you complaining about the changes 🙂

    since i’m thinking about converting stuff to posts, I’d rather not touch this just now and have a think about the best way to go about it.

    If someone has an issue with this, please use pampfelimetten’s solution, which works.

    thanks pampfelimetten for the contribution!

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