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    Hi there,

    I installed the wppizza plugin and have configured the store as much as I possibly can.

    I built some test pizzas , all with pricing and they display fine in the menu however, when I visit the items in the menu and click on the price or the cart, they are not added to the cart at all.

    I checked the source of the page and the items / cart / prices are all simply text and are not hyperlinks.. They do nothing when I click on it.

    Do you have any idea why this would be happening and where I could look to resolve?


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  • Plugin Author ollybach


    got a link ?

    Plugin Author ollybach


    did you change any of the (wppizza) templates ?

    Plugin Author ollybach


    actually, forget that.
    you did not put a shopping cart on the page ..

    Hey Ollybach,

    I have returned the cart to the page (through settings)

    and I haven’t changed any of the wppizza templates.

    Thanks heaps.

    Plugin Author ollybach


    >I have returned the cart to the page (through settings)

    No, I don’t think you have.
    you have the orderpage on that page, not the cart.
    either use the provided widget to put a cart on that page in the sidebar or somwhare, or use a shortcode [wppizza typ=”cart”]

    Hey Mate,

    I have the following all on one page:

    [wppizza category=”pizza” noheader=”1″]
    [wppizza type=’navigation’]
    [wppizza type=’orderpage’]
    [wppizza typ=”cart”]

    I also tried removing all of the above and simply leaving the last line.

    If I place the cart into a header or other part of the site using the widgets, it works fine. But placing the cart code ([wppizza typ=”cart”]) anywhere on any pages (even a dedicated cart page) doesn’t work.

    Is that how it is meant to work ?

    I really appreciate all your help thus far !

    Plugin Author ollybach



    a couple of things:

    there has to be a cart on the pages where you want to add something to the cart (i.e where your menu items are

    b) you have a typo in [wppizza typ=”cart”] ist supposed to be
    [wppizza type=”cart”] (note the e after “typ”

    c) if you are using dedicated pages per menu category, it make sno sense to have [wppizza type=’navigation’] (you really ought to read the FAQ’s and installation instructions)

    d) it also makes no sense to have the orderpage on the same page as the cart/menu items. again read the install and faq…..

    Thanks Ollybach.

    I actually put all the code snippets on one page just to test.. 🙂 I fixed the page now so It only has the pizza items and the cart on the page. Everything else is gone.

    I really do apologise for misspelling the type (thank you so much for picking up on that stupid mistake on my part).

    I also thank you for your assistance with getting this working. I really appreciate it.

    Take care.


    Plugin Author ollybach


    and it all seems to work now too 🙂
    good stuff
    as ever, if you have any more questions, just shout

    hey might can u plz help me i m working on website and after clicking place your order i wont recive any email here isa link for website= plz need help as soon as possible thanks in advance

    Plugin Author ollybach


    dont hijack other people threads (and especially not if they are marked as resolved 6 MONTHS AGO)

    start a new one

    well i was just asking for help that’s all 🙁

    Plugin Author ollybach


    I know that, but it doesn’t help anyone else who might have the same question/issue if it is buried in someone elses thread as your issue has nothing to do with not being able to add things to the cart (see the subject of this thread)

    I am happy to help, but – as I said – start your own thread so others can benefit from it

    k just give me second i will post link

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