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  • When l add a link on a post which is appearing on my homepage, it doesn’t work. Where am l going wrong? Please help

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  • Did you click on “Update” after editing the post?
    Try to press F5 and view source to see if tag is generated.

    Hi Hieu. I have done all that and even checked the tag (It was generated)but when you view the website, the post is not even showing. What else can l try? Thanks

    Do you have a link?
    Can you copy the anchor tag for that link when you view source?

    Usually it looks like this
    <a href="link-url">Link content</a>

    Yes l do have one More

    Do you have the link to your website? I can’t tell the problem without viewing source and seeing the real page 🙂

    Here it is Hieu.

    When you look at the Brand portfolio post, l have put the name brand as clickable (as a link) but you will notice its not showing.

    You have to check the template .php file. I’m afraid that one is generated from the template.

    And currently javascript is messed up. When I click on it, there is a little box appear at the bottom right (your intention?)

    Thanks Hieu. Which .php file should l check? My intention was to make sure when you click on more, it links you to a page with full description of that particular post

    More has the link already, no problem. But the javascript interferes. When I click on more, the little box was loaded instead.

    You have to remove javascript in your template: wp-content/themes/tamasha/
    I don’t know where did you put it. You gotta dig more 🙂

    If l remove some javascript, it might affect some plugins. Its stressing me.

    You can try disabling each plugin one by one to see which plugin caused the problem.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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