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  • Many users are no longer to access wp-admin or the dashboard links. once the plugin is activated access to wp-admin is cutoff and per his instructions the ability is lost to activate the widget which he added recently. he says the plugin requires that the widget be activated prior to activating the bridge but this is not possible. he has two setting for activating once to activate the plugin itself and one setting to turn on the bridge. when people post on the plugin home page the author refuses to offer help. Instead he insinuates users are not smart and not reading his instruction which are written in poor grammar and broken english. if anyone has insight to this issue please post here

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  • Which plugin are you referring to ?

    If this happens goto your plugins folder and rename the folder the plugin is in this will disable the plugin i think

    This is related to the wp-phpbb-bridge plugin. I am aware of how to remove a plugin 🙂 I was simply posting after voting that the plugin was not working.

    here is my fix for people having the wp-admin / dash access issue with the plugin:

    This guy is sending me emails saying my comments are borderline spam now. Just an FYI I fixed this with ZERO help from these guys. I repaired my setup by first 1) creating a New Admin in my PHPBB so it would make one on the WP side. (Despite what these guys say if you have used this previously as I have once you update it, it stays active and the widget does not.) 2) Make the New User a founder and a n admin on the WP side. 3) FTP into your WP-Content folder and rename the phpbb Bridge temporarily so you can have admin access to the Dashboard. 4) Login as the freshly created Admin and remove your old admin account. (Don’t forget to give ownership of your posts to the new admin. 5) Rename the PHPBB Bridge folder back to normal name and activate in the Plugins and widget areas per the instructions. In my case the New admin DID have access to the Admin/Dash. Now the bridge should be acting normal again and you can logout of the new admin account. Go to phpb and login as your Main admin account and the bridge “Should” remake the user in WP. you will need your new admin account to make your old one a founder and admin again and you can reclaim your posts. I discovered this fix by fiddling in my PHPmyadmin and making a small mess but since I have backups all was OK. after seeing what was happening I realized the on some of my users accounts that had issues they had signed up before the Bridge was originally in use a couple years ago and the emails registered on the 2 accounts in WP/PHPbb were different and this threw the SQL db out of whack. I hope this works for people because these guys at E-xtnd make a pretty good plugin but the support is MUCH less than desired even if the plugin is free people deserve proper support and not to be talked down to. I still recommend this plugin but I would never donate to these guys.

    These creators of this plugin are cyber terrorist.

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