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  • seems to me that your domain is not registered. You need to register the domain name you are using and add that into your hosting company’s dns servers. As of right now, the name is available for purchase… (

    I’m not sure how that is possible. My domain is registered with Just before posting here I logged in to my account and rechecked this fact. It said my account was active and the host name was registered. I could even access my cpanel databases where even now I can still see all the wordpress files installed.

    Should I contact my host provider?

    you should contact whoever you bought it from. The name is available for purchase, means that it has been off line for at least 30 days….
    Make sure you have your original agreement and that it includes the domain name purchase, also check if you needed to renew.. most companies will send a msg before registration expires… good luck.

    As I mentioned, the website has been offline since a month. It was functioning perfectly until then. I renewed my service with hostso during the month of September, 2011. My online account says that the service is currently active. But I will email them with regards to this and check if the problem is on their end.

    Assuming there isn’t anything wrong with my domain and my service with the host provider is active, is there anything else that could’ve caused this disruption?

    Any help will be much appreciated, thanks!

    when you try to use an internet service (web,ftp or whatever) the first thing that happens is the name of the server is translated (resolved) into an IP address.

    In this particular case the translation is failing, so a browser doesn’t know which IP address to go to, and tells you “Server not found”.

    so, no assumptions, DNS for this domain is broken.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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