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    I am about to do some development to the footy club’s web site
    (, if you fancy a look), so I did the following:-

    (1) downloaded the newest version of WP onto my laptop;
    (2) backed up the database from the online copy;
    (3) installed WP with my club theme;
    (4) edited the SQL tables to change all references to and to localhost/nomads;
    (5) imported the SQL tables.

    I subsequently had to run the upgrade script as my database was out of date (my active site is not running 2.1.2 yet, it will be part of one upgrade), and play with access to the .htaccess file on my local copy.

    So, I can connect to localhost/nomads and see the front of my site, right theme, everything looks lovely. But if I click on any link I get a message that the URL cannot be found on this server.

    I’ve checked that the permalink structure is the same on my online and local copies, but at now at a loss about what to do next.

    Any help appreciated.


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  • Ok, I seem to have fixed this. I reset my permalink structure in the local copy, I did have it wrong previously (it had somehow switched to custom from date and name based). Anyhow, it now works with one odd thing – the permalinks show as http://localhost/nomads/index.php/about instead of http://localhost/nomads/about. What have I got set wrong?


    Your local server probably isn’t properly configured for pretty Permalinks, so you’re using almost-pretty ones.

    While we don’t support server config here, I will say that you’ll want to ensure you have your AllowOverride properly configured in apache conf and mod_rewrite loaded.

    Fair enough. I shall carry on with my development and not worry about it, as its all lovely on the on-line version.



    I reset my permalinks after importing my data from Blogger and all of my Archive came up just fine after.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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