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  • I can access the settings section in Network Admin, Settings, Register Plus Redux, but when go to installed plugins, and see:

    Register Plus Redux
    Network Deactivate | Edit | Settings

    The settings button leads me to error message:

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    I am the only Super-Admin.

    Also, it seems there are no settings for individual sites to set up their own custom fields, etc.

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  • I have the same problem.

    same problem here

    I changed my site back to single-site usage (had it in multisite mode), now it works.

    I’m glad I was able to just extract the second site and install WP in a new directory for that site, instead of being stuck with multi-site.

    If you only have two or three sites, maybe it’s better to give each a different WP install instead of having to curse with multi-site ALL THE TIME.

    thx for help but i need to run a multisite install is there any other solutions i can try?

    That is great for people who can run single sites, but it is not a fix.
    It is the lazy way out of a situation.

    I am not meaning to be rude, or mean, but this issue needs to be looked into by the author of the plugin.

    That and the issue of my post being done over a month ago, and the author has not even replied saying that the issue is being looked into, is a sign of bad support for one’s plugins.

    I run support at a few sites, and if I had ever seen this lack of support at any of those places, I’d ban the authors, or whatever they want to call themselves.

    I have been very patient here, but WordPress’s lack of support is legendary, and is all over the net. That is one reason so many people still use sites like Blogger.

    WordPress really needs to stress to their plugin authors that they need to support their plugins, or take them off the plugin site.

    BurkeKnight, I feel your frustration, but you’re going a little bit too far.
    WordPress is not a company, and it has no force whatsoever over who provides plugins and how these plugins are updated and kept up to date.

    I posted my findings merely as a reference in case it helps narrow down some issues.
    I hat a lot of issues with multisite and I will hopefully always be in the situation where I can say “NO” to multisite and just use X installations simultaneously. It’s incredible.

    WordPress support is usually pretty good when you’re helping yourself and need a push in the right direction, but people don’t want to do work for you, for free.

    I would suggest contacting the plugin developer directly and offer him money to look into your situation.
    I remember a time when I thought everything must be free and I was terrified of spending one cent, preferring to slave over something for a week rather than pay a dev $50 or $100 to get it done in a matter of hours, or even minutes.
    I’m not saying that this serious bug is okay, but I’m saying that if your project depends on something, it might be advisable to start collecting some cash from those involved and getting it done properly.

    Take care!

    I am a support specialist in a NPO, as well as a volunteer support member for other places.

    I know how it can be, but never would I let my members go 1-3 months without a reply.

    Also, if what I have is free, I will NOT charge for support.

    The sites that my multi-site is used mainly for are NPO organizations, like Churches. I will not ask them to fork over money they need to help supply food to the poor, because someone wants to make money off supporting what should not be charged for.

    If they wanted it to be charged for, then make the plugin a paid one, not a free one. I think I have been very patient, more so than I should have been. I even was helping here, as can be seen from my posts. Yet, since I have seen the 1-3 months in my own support topics, I have decided to stop helping here, and focus my time elsewhere, where they know how to treat their “customers” in a better fashion.

    I have a few WordPress sites, and due to the lack of support, I’m not certain that I plan on keeping them. 🙁

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