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  • I have installed wamp and i am using wireless serivice for internet. can u please tell me how to access the loaclhost with ip address.any help will be greatly received.

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    If you are using or even localhost then that should work provided you are on that PC.

    If you are trying to access it via another PC or even the Internet then it just won’t work. You have to have WAMP listen on your non-localhost (real) IP address and somehow forward requests from the Internet to your PC.

    If you want to access your WordPress installation from another station, say you are hosting your WordPress on PC-1 and you want to access it from PC-2, that is doable within a localhost installation. You need to follow these steps:

    First, identify the PC-1 client ip address. This is an easy task. I’m assuming you’re using Windows, so do the following:

    1. (WinKey + R) – Opens Run and write cmd
    2. In the command line write ipconfig
    3. Search for the field IPv4 Address

    (Should be along the lines of 192.168.0.x) where x is some random number. Let’s for the sake of simplicity assume that the address will be;

    This address is the local identifier for PC-1. Now, in your WordPress installation you have specified that you are running a localhost server therefore WordPress will search for a local version. We need to change this, to tell WordPress to search for as the hosting address.

    To do this follow these steps. (I will use phpMyAdmin here – use anything you’re comfortable with to access the database)

    1. Go to the WordPress database
    2. Go to wp_options table
    3. First entry should be siteurl change that to

    For safety restart Apache and you’re good to go.

    From other clients, just go to the address bar on your Browser and write or whatever your installation path is and you should be able to access the files.

    Please note that this will only work for local installations, you will not be able to do this from the internet.

    @jan dembowski

    i am running it from the pc where wamp is installed and i could not access it(using my wan ip address) from the internet using same pc.
    if any suggestions would be greatly received…

    please give me each a step by step process….


    Are you interested on visiting your blog from the same PC where you are hosting it?

    Or do you want to access the blog from another PC through the internet?

    I am interested in both.

    Actually now i am able to access it with the ipv4 address on my same pc but not wiht the wan address.

    and once again i want to access from both

    If you want to access your installation from the internet, you need to follow some kind of on-line guide that helps you to set-up your own host. You’ll need a static ip and some forwarding options. The process is not that difficult, but it is a rather lengthy one to put a step-by-step guide here. And I don’t think it’s a good idea since it’s offtopic at this point.

    In my opinion, it would be much easier and better to use some commercial hosting option. WordPress suggests some really good ones that are both cheap and have good support or WordPress.

    can you provide me the link where i can find the step by step process pleaseee….

    We, the generous members supplying free help here on this forum, really do suggest that you get a hosting plan to provide the hosting.

    I mean you’re trying to run a server on your *local machine* and have it accessible to the general internet. This is really dangerous…

    This is totally possible. That is how I run my blog, from my home computer on my dynamic IP assigned by Comcast. You do not have to have a static IP to host a website. (it might make things easier, but, not absolutely necessary)

    I use’s free Dynamic DNS service. The only issue to their service is I have to log in about every month and refresh my account settings or they will eventually delete it. Another bummer is whatever name you want your site will have a at the end of it. These are the prices you pay for a free service like this.

    I’m sure there are plenty of other free services that do the same thing.

    So, basically what this does is install a small program or service on your computer that talks to’s DNS servers to make sure that whatever the name you provide them correlates to your external IP address.

    My blog is small and only a few friends and family members go to it. So, I’m not as worried about security as others would. No one would recommend this type of setup for a commercial site.
    is how my address looks. The :60 is because I’m running this particular site on another webserver from my main blog. (yes, you can have multiple webservers)

    I’m probably creating more questions than I’m answering here. I’m by no means an expert in this stuff, I know just about enough to get me in lots of trouble. Google is your friend here.

    Correct permissions on files/folders
    Lock down unneeded ports, only open port 80
    Change admin password regularly

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