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  • I have no idea what version I was using, and I can’t find out because I can’t access it. I attempted to change some URL and now I can’t access the admin panel. I know this is such a noob thing to ask, but I am completely lost. The original URL was “” and I attempted to change it to “” only to then realize that this site is not a easy to change URL’s as Tumblr.

    Please help me. I don’t have anything installed and I can’t access whatever servers have all the information. I only had access to the Web Browser Admin Panel. Now it’s gone. Wtf.

    I did change the NameServers on the new URL directing to WordPress servers NS1 NS2 and NS3. So..

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  • Hi Devan,

    To change the domain name, there are several things need to be done.
    This article below will give you a good idea of what needs to be done.

    Have a read and if you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

    None of that appears to help me. I don’t have access to the Server files of the site, so I cannot edit Wp-Config or Functions files.

    I try to log into “” and it just forwards to “” which doesn’t load anything and errors.

    Also, what is with the ridiculous availability of the site. More the 75% of the time (before I broke it) 75% of the time the site would be unavailable. I would not be able to log in or edit anything in the admin panel because the server was taking too long and would not respond.

    Hi Devan,

    Ok so let me clarify few things.

    1. Which website you are working on at the moment? foreverlovekids or aloveforever?

    2. Which hosting are you using? You should be able to get the server access from the hosting company.

    3. What changes exactly have you made when you say

    … I attempted to change it to “” …

    I am working on a WordPress site that had the URL “”. I do not know who it is hosted with. I do not have access to host files. I only have access to the WordPress Admin Panel. Within the WordPress admin panel on “”, I changed URL’s to “”.

    To fix the issue, you need to access to your server, specifically your database.
    It seems your site is hosted on GoDaddy so contact and ask them to send you the login details.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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