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  • Avevo qualche piccolo problema di spam, circa 10 commenti spam al mese. Ho trovato questo plugin e credendo fosse gratuito l’ho istallato. Inizialmente ha funzionato bene ma finito il mese di prova prima ho trovato la posta piena di email di spam da parte del plugin perché lo rinnovassi e non avendo PAGATO mi sono ritrovato il sito sommerso di spam. Molto più di prima…. 130 commenti spam da eliminare.

    Non meritano nemmeno una recensione in inglese.
    Worst experience ever!

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    Thank you for your review.

    The fact that the plugin has a premium type service is mentioned in the plugin annotation and in its WordPress catalogue description:

    Most importantly we do not advertise our service as a free one. We say up front that this is a premium service plugin and you have a free trial before switching to its premium version.

    CleanTalk is a plugin of free code which works with the Cloud Anti-Spam Service:

    These types of plugins are allowed in the WordPress directory, please look here:

    We offer the fastest, strongest, wide functionality anti-spam for any WordPress users for a very cheap price.

    All the best.

    The reviwer’s main concern seems to be not the upgrading to the paid version but the fact that after using your plugin he is swamped with 10 times the spam he was receiving BEFORE installing it. Could you please address that?

    Plugin Support alexandergull



    There are a few reasons for this:

    • With the indexing of your website by the search systems, the appearance of external links and better search results position, your website attracts more and more spambots.
    • Non-transparent protection systems that don’t have spam attacks statistics, like CAPTCHA or question/answer, don’t let you see the whole picture or the picture is incomplete.
    • Counting methods for spam attacks and spambots are different for different systems, which explains the diversity. We seek to provide detailed statistics.

    Alexander, Thanks for the information above. It certainly makes sense that different companies would use different methodology for analyzing and presenting data. Do you think that a 10 time increase in Spam comments is likely after just a week of using the plug in? This is the part that concerns me and what’s holding me back from signing up for your Premium service.

    Plugin Support alexandergull


    There are no reasons for growth exclude site indexation, page quantity, popularity, thematics and website lifetime.

    Best regards.

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