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Un-branded VideoPress

  • I love the idea of using a service that is so tightly integrated with WordPress, though I don’t really see the point of using VideoPress on a Self-Hosted website. If a person has the hardware, to host their own website, the could host their own videos, too.

    I do see how publishing videos on both the self-hosted account and the WordPress.com account though, would help with visibility. Many thousands of people visit WordPress.com each day and with that kind of traffic, it is a great idea to have the videos there as well.

    My biggest hang-up is branding. If VideoPress was a free service, I could understand the branding… BUT IT IS NOT A FREE SERVICE. If I’m going to pay for a way to publish my videos, I’m definitely not going to pay for a service where the branding can’t be removed.

    If I have to pay for VideoPress usage, then I do not want to see VideoPress anywhere, except maybe the WordPress Admin Area.

    So, my question is:

    Is there a way to turn off the VideoPress Logo, to keep it from displaying with my videos?


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  • That’s indeed possible. VideoPress allows you to upload your own logo to replace the default VideoPress logo.

    To get started, log in to the WordPress.com account you used to purchase the VideoPress upgrade, and go to Settings > Media in your dashboard. There you will see the option to specify a logo URL:

    I’m curious too.
    In addition to your own logo (or none at all), is there a way to disable sharing button?

    You can remove the sharing options by going to Media > Library in your dashboard, clicking on the Video, and uncheck the sharing options there.

    Thanks. I meant per video embed, like [wpvideo 12345 share=off]

    This setting also allows you to restrict embeds. You will find more embedding options under Settings > Media in your dashboard.

    I don’t have a VideoPress account, considering switching from SmugMug, an affordable option for non-branded videos (highest account type) and of course includes photos, but I’ve since moved photos to my WP site and VideoPress is much more affordable if used just for videos. Thank you.

    Please anyone tell me how to make video gallery in wordpress using videopress.
    In a page i want a player at the top and thumbnails of different videos below the video player. Gallery should be in 4*4.

    I’m going to try to bring this thread back to the original topic…

    @jeremy Herve

    VideoPress is a “hosted service” which stays within the confines of WordPress.com

    I’m suggesting, that there should be a VideoPress equivalent for those people who don’t what to host their Videos within the confines of WordPress.com

    If I’m hosting my own WordPress (WordPress.org) installation, or if I’m paying for hosting on GoDaddy or some other web host, why would I want to host my videos on WordPress.com instead of within my own installation?

    I guess ultimately, VideoPress equates to a paid option, similar to that of YouTube, Ustream or Vimeo – all of which, I’d never pay for, cause they ain’t worth it. Why not just upload my own videos, compressed and ready for HTML5 playback?

    Why would I want to host my videos on WordPress.com instead of within my own installation?

    Saving bandwidth and space are 2 huge advantages of hosting your videos somewhere else. Each video has to be converted into different formats to be played on multiple devices, and if a video becomes popular it can require a lot of bandwidth.

    I’m suggesting, that there should be a VideoPress equivalent for those people who don’t what to host their Videos within the confines of WordPress.com

    I think you will find a lot of interesting Video Player plugins in the repo:

    Some of them are really popular with Podcasters, so I am sure you could find reviews and comparisons between different plugins. I am not familiar with any of them myself, but I have heard good things about JW Player.

    You could also set up a Video server similar to VideoPress on your own server, since the code behind VideoPress is open source:

    @jeremy Herve

    Thanks for the reply and I’m fully aware of all the information you shared. My point is that VideoPress doesn’t offer anything, that I can see, as a distinguishable difference to that of YouTube, Ustream, Vimeo or the numerous other Video Hosting Services…

    …and, if VideoPress, doesn’t also allow you to host your own Video, on your own WordPress installation, why use VideoPress instead of YouTube, Ustream, Vimeo or any of the other Video Hosting Services?

    I guess the biggest difference is its integration into WordPress: you can upload and manage your videos directly from your dashboard. You can also manage your sharing settings from your WordPress installation. It can also be handy to use VideoPress if you’re a Video podcaster, since it is compatible with iTunes/Miro.

    But of course, you are always free to use Youtube or Vimeo.

    I think VideoPress (like Youtube or Vimeo) was not meant for people who would like to host their own videos. If you are able to manage your own videos on your own server, and if you’d prefer to do so, you should probably look at WordPress.com Video Server code, or another solution to manage your videos.

    I can appreciate everyone trying to discern whether or not they want to sign up for VideoPress video hosting, but we’re on the “Un-branded VideoPress” forum post here… I don’t have any personal information for unbranding VideoPress, but if it is customizable and WP’s super servers serve videos/bandwidth, etc, that’s value to me right there. Hence, why I pay for SmugMug. Because YouTube TOS don’t allow the logo to be removed. Vimeo only has 50GB space. And other white label sorts of services are more expensive than VideoPress’ $60/yr… plus the WP integration. Hopefully we can keep this post on topic.

    @clifford Paulick

    For the most part, the previous posts were, on point, though I can see how it may look like we went off on a tangent.

    The intent of my original post was definitely to find a way to use VideoPress without WordPress or VideoPress branding. However, I am looking for an “Un-branded VideoPress” which can be utilized, directly from within Self-hosted (WordPress.org) websites, instead of embedding a video from the VideoPress servers. I want the video to reside on the same server as my website.

    So, while I did post the original post, on this topic, this is why my follow-up posts, seemed to take a little different direction.

    Gotcha. No worries. Out of curiosity, why is it so important? Could you setup a CNAME? Could VideoPress tech crew allow that, like SmugMug does? If yes, then I’d sign up for that too, but it’s not super important to me. Thanks!

    There is no such option under settings media where I can upload logo to replace videopress logo. Is this still possible?

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