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    I just updated to ver 3.0.10 (which was a bit extreme in my opinion) and was able to redo my header and footer entirely to get back to the way it was. However, I’ve just realized that all the content in my pages no longer display. This didn’t happen when I updated to ver 3.0.9 so not sure why it’s happening with this update.

    My site:

    I check the pages in my page editor and all the content is in there but it just doesn’t display when I view the pages.

    How do I fix this? I have deactivated my child theme and activated the Customizr default theme and the content is displayed just so you all know.

    Thanx in advance for you help

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  • Same thing happened to me.

    Did you customize the header.php file in your child theme? They recoded that file a fair bit. Make a new copy of that file in your child theme, re-insert your customizations and hopefully you will be back on track.

    Hey @mcsolas,

    Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled with all the changes to the class-header-header_main.php and class-footer-footer_main.php files, but I was able to get them back the way they were in about an hour. Just wasn’t happy that I had to do that much work.

    So, I got that fixed but when to make sure all the other pages were okay and came to find out none of them are displaying (other than the homepage). Other than the header and footer. lol. Still haven’t figured out what’s up with that other than there are lot more hooks now which has also screwed up the layout of my woocommerce pages since they use a ton of hooks too. As if messing with the woocommerce pages were enough of a pain in the tail dealing with without having the Customizr having to make it even more complicated.

    I looked at the header.php file but that’s not going to fix my issue with the main content of all the pages.

    I figured out my problem. Seems there was also a change made to the class-fire-utils.php file that wasn’t included in the changelog. Once I had included that in my theme because I added a social media link into Customiz’it! Once I removed this file from my child theme my main content reappeared.

    What I did to find this solution was to backup all my files, then I deleted all the php files from my child theme. I then added them back one by one and checked my site after adding each one to make sure the site didn’t break. Once I added class-fire-utils.php, sure enough it broke so I knew that was the culprit.

    Maybe you can do the same @mcsolas to find out what file may be breaking your theme.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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