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  • synnyzter


    So I manually optimized several photos today via Photoshop with the typical great results and thought I’d give these image plugins a try…after reading some comparison reviews it became apparent this is one of top picks so, I’ll give it a try.

    I resized some images to 1200×900 manually, enabled this plugin, and proceeded to upload some of the images. The images were resized upon upload to 1024×768 as expected which IS a smaller image mind you…I also left the compression at the default 92% (and yes optimize on upload is enabled). I then checked the “optimized images” and found that despite the image sizes being decreased which in theory should also shrink the file size, they actually INCREASED in file size by an average of 10% and some closer to 20%… How can you say this thing works if it makes a SMALLER image a larger file size lol.

    I also tested by uploading images at 1024×768 so they would not be resized on upload… After uploading and “optimizing”, it once again enlarged their file sizes quite a bit. My current image went from 72KB to 90KB after “optimizing”. This app literally does nothing (at least on upload) and when it does, it makes them BIGGER despite losing 8% quality.

    I then disabled this plugin and uploaded the same images without any of the file sizes becoming larger or changing at all as expected…undeniable proof. Don’t just read what it says about reducing sizes people, check for yourselves like I did…

    I did then manually optimize the entire uploads folder and checked the file sizes, the zip was smaller afterwards but I did not compare any individual images yet but still, the “optimize on upload” is NOT a good thing to do as it hurts not helps!

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