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  • so this isnt very descriptive… i have my network running, installed this addon commented out the line… even disable every other plugin but im not seeing anything different from vanilla networks and this =/ am i missing something? are there settings somewhere

    EDIT* scratch that, cant believe i didnt see the link lol, figured it out, and this is BA, but one question, is this making it so the sub network i create i can give some one else rights to that and they can have there own mini network under mine? where i still have the boss permissions to control my network, plus theres? i mean im still toying with it, but thats what im kind of gettin at.

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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi drcustumz –

    Yes, you can create a network admin who just has privileges to a sub network, while you have privileges on both networks.

    If you want to really lock things down, you can limit this plugin so it can only be used on the main or “master” network by defining RESTRICT_MANAGEMENT_TO in your wp-config.php file. Set it to the Site ID of your main network, which is 1 unless you know it is something else. đŸ™‚

    – David

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