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  • I have the same issue. Even if my theme had a good video gallery feature, i needed a better one so I purchased this plugin for pro version..But, I found out it did not properly work on any mobile devices. The layout seems very weird on mobile and I cannot click play buttons which are huge.(should have checked before purchasing..probably, i was too happy to check everything when I found this plugin.) Except that, I like this plug in so much. But I can’t use it for now because most of visitors of my website use mobile devices such as iphones. Please resolve this issue so that I can use this beautiful plugin on my website. I seriously need this.



    Hi. I’ve been using this plugin on my site for a couple of months and it seems to display ok on my mobile.

    Admitably it doesn’t display the same as on my laptop (doesn’t use my specified thumbnails and the previous/next buttons are at the extreme left/right hand of the screen respectively), but it’s useable and links to youtube when I press play.
    How does this page look on your mobile? Do you get the same problem? This might help narrow down the source of the problem.



    We are updating the plugin to be configured depending on the device. There are many youtube videos that are not ready for mobiles, these videos will fail when trying to load.



    I thought the youtube videos were problem after I read molecularcode comment. Then, do you have a plan to support other sites like Vimeo?



    Having the same problem here – interestingly it woks fine on iphone if the video page is full-width, but not if it’s used in a template page.



    uh, check that, same problem in full width tamplate. I love this plugin, though. When can we expect an update?

    Thank you for this great plugin. Just what I was looking for!
    One question, though. Do I need to purchase the “full version” to see it working on mobile devices? Cause, by now it doesn’t. Do anyone has found a way to display videos on iPhone or Andro├»d with Ultimate plugin?

    Janon. As I mentioned above, the pro version does NOT work properly either on mobile browsers. I hope you did not waste your money yet by already purchasing the pro version. It seems they’ll never fix this issue, and this problem makes this plugin totally useless because plenty of people these days use mobile devices instead of computers.
    If u are sure that all of your customers or visitors of your website use desktops or laptops, this plugin’d be fantastic.
    In conclusion, for 99% bloggers, this plugin is useless unless you totally ignore mobile device users.
    (well, you could be fine if you have your own server and do not have to use Youtube for your videos. Some says this plugin works fine if you upload your videos to your server directly instead of putting youtube links.)

    Hi Gadongga,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Well, it’s too bad. But you’re right: I can’t use Ultimate for the reasons you mentioned above. I have dug so many forums looking for the perfect plugin… What about you? Have you found one that could do the job? Could you give me a clue?

    Janon, I’ve decided to use the basic portfolio feature of my theme, which is not bad but not amazing. Please let me know if you find sth good and reliable for video portfolios. Thanks.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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