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    Ultimate TinyMCE doesn’t work, and only show me the html in one line, and on the top right corner, there are no the two tags “visual” and “text”,
    would you please tell me how can I adjust it?
    Look forward to your early reply.

    And three weeks ago, Ultimate TinyMCE works well, and in this three weeks, I don’t add any plugins,and do any settings, today I am going to add a new page, then it does not work.

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  • Plugin Author Marventus


    Hello cherryang167,

    UTMCE only works in visual mode, so you have to click on the Visual tab to use it. Also, make sure you add all the buttons of your choice from the plugin settings by checking all the ones you want displayed.

    Let us know if you need additional help.

    yes, I know UTMCE only works in visual mode, but there is no two tags “visual” and “text”,

    I deactivated the plugin all together and it still has a blank visual tab with no buttons whatsoever.

    when I write the detail question to you , on this page, it still like this ,just some code, can not be visual, I will take picture for you.

    Plugin Author Josh


    yes, I know UTMCE only works in visual mode, but there is no two tags “visual” and “text”,

    Go the the admin panel. Then go to “Users”. Next, select “edit” of the user account you are using.

    Now, on the “edit profile” screen… there is an option at the top that says something like “disable the visual editor”. Make sure this option is NOT checked.

    Then, go back and check your editor.

    you are grate,it’s ok.

    Plugin Author Josh


    My pleasure 🙂

    Please feel free to rate the plugin once you have had time to use it’s features.



    When I put a five-point rule in my post on wordpress on, it blows up the post with the new plugin, it blows up the post when you hit “continue reading”. there’s nothing there inside the post.

    I take the five point rule out from mce and the post is restored.

    plse tell me what is going on — your plugin blew up an importatnt post until people started calling me at home telling it wasn’t working

    this is very disappointing


    Plugin Author Josh


    Hi kgray,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    What is a “five-point rule” and how are you inserting it into your post?

    What exactly do you mean by it “blows up”?

    Any specifics or steps to replicate the issue would be most helpful in identifying the cause.

    it’s a five-pixel rule — sorry points are from my newspaper days

    when you hit “continue reading” or the headline on a post, the text doesn’t show up

    take out the horizontal rule and the text returns


    Plugin Author Josh


    Haha.. no worries 🙂

    Can you please post a link to where this is happening?

    Evaluating Ottawa’s Western Light-Rail Proposals (1)

    You’ll see a short black line under the cutline of the picture. That was the five-pixel line that was knocking out this post.

    I can’t post a faulty post. I took out the line and the copy reappeared. I have 35,000 thousand readers a week so I can’t afford to post mistakes.


    I reconstructed the post and got the same problem.


    Plugin Author Marventus


    Hello Ken,

    I work with Josh in the co-development of UTMCE.
    I really can’t see anything wrong with the post you linked to. Could you be more precise as to what CSS rule you are adding and to which elements? Also, what button (addon) are you using to add the rule?
    Please let us know or share a screenshot describing what the problem is.


    Sorry I’m running out of time on this. I’ve already had to find out what the problem was with the post. I’m trying to put out a news site. Time is vital.

    As I said in the above post. I have corrected the post I directed you to. The small black line under the cutline for the picture is where I had the tiny mce five pixel line for the post that blew up the post.

    Plse read the post above carefully. You don’t see anything because it is corrected with a small black line under the cutline picture so my readers had text to read on the main post on the site. They were clicking on it before and getting no text. Some were calling me at home to tell the post wasn’t working.

    When I took out the tiny mce five-pixel line (a suspect because it blew up my whole site in a previous incarnation), the text returned. But hundreds of readers got no text because of the tiny mce plugin error.

    I waited some time before loading this plugin again after the previous fiasco. I was told it was working well. It worked well for some time and I have used it a great deal to produce my site.

    That is why I’m sticking with it for now.



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