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  1. jamin100
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Ok I've got a weird problem. Up until 2 days ago everything was working fine.

    My tags were all showing up fine in technorati and all was well.

    Now for some reason when i add a new post and add some tags to it using UTW, Technorati does not show that my site is using those tags. In technorati when i go to the "show Details" of my post the only tag that is there is the category in which the post was originally posted too?

    Is this a problem with my site or is it with technorati or UTW?????

    I'm confused! my site is http://www.benrichards.co.uk

    musing WordPress 2.0.5 and the latest version of UTW

    Help me Please!!!

    Edit: I'm automatically Pinging technorati when I add a new post and i've also done it manually to see if that was the problem. but to no avail!

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