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  • Resolved Emily Barney


    The installation went fine, I simply searched for it from the plugins menu, selected it and activated it.

    when I went to the widgets menu to add it to my sidebar, it moved fine and when I clicked on it gave a brief view of the options. But then it crashed with this error message:

    PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in (local file path)\wp-content\plugins\ultimate-tag-cloud-widget\ultimate-tag-cloud-widget.php on line 77

    note that I’ve switched my file path in the code there to preserve the privacy of the site I’m working on, which isn’t ready to display publicly yet.

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  • Thank you for your feedback. I’ll look into it and drop you a message as soon as it’s fixed.

    I wasn’t able to reproduce this error but it should be fixed now. What version of WP are you running?

    Please try upgrading to version 1.1 and give me more feedback on your results.

    For the site in question, I’m running 3.0.1.

    I deleted Ultimate Tag Cloud after the problem and went with Random Tags Cloud instead.

    Just now I went back and installed Ultimate Tag Cloud again, getting version 1.1 – I didn’t get the error code any more, but I also didn’t get the functionality I needed.

    The feature I was most interested in with your plugin is the exclude feature – it works for me fine on the Random Tags Cloud widget (simple comma separation of a list of the tag ids I don’t want to appear) but it didn’t work on the Ultimate Tag Cloud – it allowed me to enter them and save it, but the tags I wanted to exclude kept appearing anyway, even though I tried adding or removing spaces.

    One other feature I’d be VERY interested in finding, though none of the plugins I’ve seen so far can do it, is the ability to create a tag cloud that can be sorted by Tag slug or even ID rather than the name. I’m using tags to list faculty names at my school and would like to sort by last name but have the link appear with the full name.

    If I could find a tag cloud that lets me exclude some tags (I don’t want faculty who have left to show in the cloud) and sort by tag slug, I’d be very happy!


    That is a good suggestion and a way of sorting I didn’t think of when I created the plugin. As for excluding tags it might not be clear enough that you have to use the tag name instead of the id in the exclude setting. I’ll also look at supporting both names, slug and id for excluding tags.

    I’ll try to get some work done on this plugin later this week and will drop you a message here when I have something for you to try out.

    Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

    When I install this plugin for 3.0.1 it doesn’t work. Activation doesn’t seem to work — when you activate it you get a bunch of php code at the top with some broken html :

    Here is what happens when it is activated:

    [Huge chunk of code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    @ebarney – your suggestions have now been implemented into version 1.2 of the plugin. If you try it out please give me some feedback on how it works for you and if you have any other suggestions or idéas.

    @pauljs – this problem should now be fixed in version 1.2 as well. You’re welcome to try it out and please give me some feedback if you do.

    Hi, I’m using your Ultimate Tag Cloud widget. I’m having trouble getting the size working though. I set the ‘from’ and ‘to’ size in the widget settings but the cloud only ever uses the ‘from’ value, so cloud tags are only displayed in one size. I’m using WordPress 3.0.1 with a slightly modified Twenty Ten 1.1 theme and 1.2 of your widget.

    Hi cokeyblokey

    Thank you for your feedback, at a first glance I can’t seem to reproduce the error in my wordpress instance. Is your site public somewhere so that I can have a look at the HTML that’s generated?

    If not (or either way) you could send me a copy of the HTML code, just the widget if you’re able to distinguish it, or the complete page, to rickard at 0x539 dot se – that would be of great help.



    Hi exz. I emailed the code as directed – any update for me?

    Just got back to your updates and put it in – looks like it’s working perfectly and has a few extra features I’d been asked about as well.

    This was really going above and beyond and I’m very appreciative of your quick response! Do you have a “tip jar” online? 🙂



    My apologies to exz, there is nothing wrong with his plugin and I’ve just displayed how new I am to this. Seems that the size of the tag is dependent on how often the tag is used in the site. The moment I used one of the tags more than once, the font size increased for that tag in the cloud.

    Plugin Author Rickard Andersson


    @ebarney Thank you for your kind response, I’m happy to hear that you like the updates. As of now I don’t have any tip jar, although I’ve been thinking about joining flattr and maybe use that for people that want to donate.

    @cokeyblokey Nice to see you getting the plugin to work as expected.



    is there a way i can get a shortcode or the function. my theme does not support widgets. i need a function call to use the plugin.

    Plugin Author Rickard Andersson


    @superposts sure! I’ll have look later today and give you a reply here.



    @exz thank you, a function call would be great.

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