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    When I activate Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin the Genesis framework knows it is present, shuts down its own SEO capability and defers to Yoast’s plugin, but with Ultimate SEO, Genesis doesn’t recognize its presence.

    Is this deliberate and if so why the two different and presumably clashing ways of SEO on a Genesis/Ultimate SEO website?


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  • Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Hi Terence:

    Genesis and Yoast have collaborated on their code for this to occur. SEO Ultimate on the other hand (which does allow you to see the code it inserts by using Settings>>>SEO Ultimate >>> Global >>> [x] Identify the plugin’s HTML code insertions with HTML comment tags) and Genesis have not collaborated on features and / or hooks.

    If you want to edit the header or page templates you can at least see what is being added by SEO Ultimate. But, there is a simpler solution…

    You can however simply disable the features in the Modules / Settings page that Genesis has native to it’s framework.

    So, if you disable their SEO Settings, You technically should be able to use SEO Ultimate for everything or simply disable the SEO Modules you don’t need from SEO Ultimate and use the Genesis SEO Settings.

    It’s merely on extra step, but something we can look into on the next release to toggle.

    Hope this helps.

    Hello John,

    Well, I have to say I am really surprised by your answer as Genesis told me something different, but not incompatible.

    They said…

    “You can look in genesis/lib/functions/seo.php and find the function genesis_detect_seo_plugins() at or near the bottom.

    Genesis checks for at least All In One SEO Pack, Headspace, Platinum SEO Pack, and WordPress SEO, but the list is filterable, so that could be incomplete.

    The disabling of Genesis SEO is separate from the transfer functionality of the plugin. As to why those plugins trigger disabling Genesis SEO, as far as I know, the decision was based on plugin popularity. Initially, only the most popular plugins were supported, but the filtering ability was added so any plugin could be set up to easily disable Genesis SEO.”

    So why don’t you either A) take advantage of that inbuilt ability to trigger SEO Ultimate in your own code, B) publish a Genesis code snippet for a Genesis child-theme functions.php to insert the necessary code?, or C) now that you’ve got way over a million users, why don’t you ask the guys at Genesis to support you ~ so they have all the top SEO plugins?


    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Hi Terence:

    Jeffrey here, we’ll look into adding a trigger to disable their code if our plugin is activated to prevent conflicts.

    Thanks for the update.

    Hey Jeffrey,

    That’s good to here. If you want a Genesis beta test I have an installation or two I’d be glad to test it on.


    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Thanks Terence:

    I omitted to read your c) thoroughly, the best solution is contacting them and requesting to be added to the list…

    Good architecture and design on their part for working with others and playing nicely. Hat tip to Brian (Fellow Chicagoan) / StudioPress on the /lib/ filter.

    Excellent. Looking for the next release already!

    I also got some further information from their forum today…

    “You should be able to add


    to your child theme functions.php. Doing so will execute all the time, which is fine if SEO Ultimate is activated.

    Being more thorough would involve a) doing a check for whether SEO Ultimate is activated, and only disabling Genesis SEO if so, or b) checking if SEO Ultimate has classes defined that could be used in the filter in the function I previously referenced or c) put that line in a new plugin that requires another plugin (ie, SEO Ultimate) to be activated first, so that the only way Genesis SEO can be disabled is if something else is doing the job.

    Without those extra features, if you deactivate SEO Ultimate and have the line I included in your functions.php, you won’t get any SEO output, which could be bad.”

    Which at least gives me a “quick fix” for turning off Genesis SEO and allowing SEO ultimate to take over.


    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith



    Great find on this one. Quick, to the point and effective. When its time to test our Framework, I will give you a heads up for your help.

    Thanks again…


    You’re welcome.

    People helped me so I am happy to pass it on.


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