• I seldom rate and even more seldom, review software. Primarily because after more than a decade of working with WordPress, there are so many great plugins to choose from, so when i do rate and or review a plugin, it’s because it is exceptional, and because it answered my needs more effectively than others that I tested in the same vein. That has been my experience with this application. This Plugin is time tested, which, over time, you’ll agree is one of the most important criteria to a developer.
    1st impressions are everything, a developer has 18 seconds, from the moment that their opening page loads, fast, simple, and direct, everything else is secondary. If a visitor can’t find the button to join your membership or subscribe to your News Letter, within that 18 second window, wave goodbye to them because whatever they were looking for when the arrived, will be found somewhere else with someone that understood the unwritten terms of the deal.
    Ultimate Membership is fast, simple and direct, and in today’s virtual world that’s enough. Last but not least and I already eluded to it, there is nothing that will ruin a relationship between a plugin developer and WordPress website developer, than a WP update and a core Plugin option that has not been updated in a timely manner and is no longer compatible. How many memberships or subscriptions can you afford to loose or miss? None is my answer to that question. Don’t take my word for it, look at Ultimate Member Plugin Update history and it says it all. Now last but not least, the biggest reason I don’t like to do ratings and reviews, is because I come from the school of “if your going to say something, say it all”, so I know when I start i’m going to be long winded and get lectures from folks who don’t like long posts, to them I say “then don’t read them”. I also know that there will be that one or two that will subscribe to Ultimate Member, at least in part based on what I said. and that as simple as it is, won’t be able to figure it out, and sure as hell, it will be my fault, some how, some way, and you really don’t want to konw what I have to say to that, ;). Enjoy it, it’s a great plugin.

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