• Hi everyone,

    I do have a bit of a problem with Ultimate Member login. Hoping for your input.

    When logging in, it doesn’t redirect to the user profile right away – I have to login twice for that to happen.

    First time entering login credentials, the URL changes to this;

    But will only stay at the login page.

    Second login; that’s the time it will redirect to the user profile and the URL is this;

    Which is correct.

    The problem here is, a normal login process – the first time it already should redirect to the user profile. But I am experiencing that I have to login twice first before being redirected to the user profile.

    This happened after I changed my website’s domain.

    What could be the best solution here?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Support Aswin Giri


    Hello @aaronwp03

    The issue you mentioned can sometimes happen because of theme/plugin conflict. Can you please try theme/plugins conflict test on your site? Please follow this article for help.

    Thread Starter aaronwp03


    Hi Aswin,

    I forgot to mention. Everything was working perfectly with my existing plugins, etc.

    Then after I changed my domain, that’s when the issue started to exist. I didn’t install a plugin before or after the domain change.

    There are other parts of my website that had problems as well after I changed my domain. What do you think? But I will try this conflict test as well.

    My theme by the way is the bare bones theme of elementor.

    Thread Starter aaronwp03


    Hi Aswin,

    Thank you for the idea. I found out that it was the Permalink Manager Pro plugin that was causing this UM problem.

    Thank you very much!

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