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    Our client just discovered that Ultimate Gift Card breaks the payment process (at least with the Paytrail gateway) by applying the coupon to shipping costs, contrary to how the WooCommerce coupon handles things.

    The problem is detailed and confirmed here:


    Not only does UGC break the payment process for itself, but having UGC active also breaks the regular WooCommerce coupons. The issue can be remedied by deactivating Ultimate Gift Card.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for using our plugin,

    We haven’t checked the compatibility of our plugin with the pay trail gateway so I suggest you please run a test by disabling the pay trail payment gateway.


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    Technically speaking, the payment gateway should not impact your handling of shipping costs, but I suppose we could try with another gateway. Paytrail is part of Nets which is one of the major European providers though.

    Can you confirm if the described behaviour is in fact erroneous, and UGC should not apply the coupon to the shipping costs?

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    @makewebbetter We have confirmed that UGC breaks also when the built-in cash on delivery payment method is used. It is incorrectly applying the coupon to shipping costs also.

    Just to recap the problems:

    Woocommerce coupons do not apply to shipping costs by default. When UGC is used, it does, and it shouldn’t. Furthermore, this breaks the payment as it results in conflicting sums when trying to pay (using Paytrail payment gateway).

    Let’s say that the products cost 4€ and the shipping 4,90€. The customer has a fixed sum Woocommerce coupon for 5€. Previously, they paid 4,90€ for the shipping and used the coupon for the products only. This was ok. Now, the coupon also applies to the shipping cost and the calculation causes an error when Paytrail payment gateway is used:
    Subtotal: 4€
    Discount: 5€ (by coupon XXXXX)
    Shipping: 4,90€
    Total: 3,90€

    –> Error in payment, the total sums do not match (“4,90€ vs. 3,90€”) and the user is unable to proceed to payment.

    When we disable Paytrail, it still works the same way, applying the discount to shipping costs with Woocommerce coupons as well as UGC codes.


    Here is the answer to your query,

    The gift coupon which is generated by our plugin will not get applied to the shipping cost.

    For applying the gift coupon on the shipping cost we have provided settings in the pro version. If you enable that particular settings only then a gift coupon will get applied to the shipping cost.

    If you are facing such an issue then we suggest you run a test by deactivating the third-party plugin as well as by changing the theme.



    So if we set the UGC coupon to apply to the shipping cost this changes the bahaviour also for the Woo coupons? This is what happens to us. We can live with this although seems odd.

    But, for some reason there is a conflict when trying to proceed to payment, whenever the coupon is larger than the sum of products, and the coupon is applied to shipping costs. This causes is a conflict in total sums that gives an error when clicking “Order now”. Do you know if this is handled by the payment gateway, ie. where do these different sums origin in this case?


    This setting will not change the behavior of the WooCommerce coupons. This setting will apply to the Gift Card Coupons only.

    Coupons will applicable on the shipping when you enable the particular setting only Else Coupons will not get applied to the shipping cost.


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