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    Can a lot of the USA phrases be converted easily to UK phrases?
    And trying to understand, is all data, listings saved in my database or yours API key?

    Also as i,m new to this concept and starting out, can users list properties from front end and be moderated before going live with any paypal integration for charging a listing
    I basically want to charge a flat fee to private sellers in the UK to list properties.

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  • SAme question! Please help!

    All the data for listings are saved in our database. Once you have an API key, the listings are associated with that API Key. If you reuse that API key on different sites, you have access to all the listings on each site. You can of course filter down each site to only show listings perhaps from a different town.

    Typically the admin has access to edit properties, but a developer can definitely tweak this to do something closer to what you are asking for. We are working on our developer documentation now, but you can see examples of what to do in our themes as well.

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