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  • The UI is confusing and lacks visual signposting.

    • Over-reliance on hover effects, so have to wave mouse around to understand the block structure.. I can see why somebody felt the need to create a plugin to show the page hierarchy.
    • No visual indication of the currently active area. Too easy to add a new block in the wrong place
    • Separation of a structured piece of text into multiple blocks (eg heading, para, list, para) makes it harder than necessary to move the whole text around.
    • Other page builders (eg Elementor & Brizy) have much better signposting. People like my clients who only update their pages every few weeks will find Gutenberg tedious to use. (And don’t say RTFM – updating the website is only a part-time, infrequent activity for them.)

      I definitely will not be recommending Gutenberg to existing or new clients.

      Will the Classic editor be supported for the long term?

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  • @blacklp if you need classic editor you need install plugin of wordpress, it is notification of WP

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    I’m aware of that, and have installed it on all of my websites. But there is no formal statement as to how long the Classic editor is going to be supported for, so it could possibly be only a short-term fix.

    I believe that there is a need to point out to the Gutenberg team that the UI isn’t as good as other drag & drop editors and give them chance to improve it. I also think that Gutenberg should not be made part of the WP core until it has been ‘stress-tested’ on real, live sites for longer.

    @blacklp yes i think it could same as SiteOrigin page builder, it can switch between 2 types

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    Hi there,

    The Classic Editor merely disables the Gutenberg interface (which is just a new interface for the classic editing experience you have today). As such, the plugin should work for the foreseeable future, and I would not worry about it. That being said, the main purpose is to provide a stepping stone for those that do not feel they are ready for the new editor, where the end goal is that we hope you will move over to the new editor eventually once you find benefits that make it worth it, or resolve the issues that held you back in the first place.

    I’m nto sure I’m familiar with the plugin you mention, or entirely understand what your gripes are here, could you explain that bit some more perhaps?

    As for movement, even though it’s block, you can still select multiple pieces and blocks at once, cut, paste, or even drag and drop them as before though, if you’re unable to do this we’d love to help you resolve that issue in the support forums.

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    I’m amazed that you haven’t had a look at Elementor, as I would have thought that it was the biggest competitor to Gutenberg with over 1 million downloads from the WP plugin library.

    I’ve got some screenshots that would show what I’m on about, but the main thing is that on hover it shows the block structure as a nested set of blue outlines, complete with ‘bumps’ on each outline for access to the settings, etc. No waving the mouse around to decode the block structure and find the right three dots.

    It also has a nice big ‘+’ symbol at the centre bottom of the page being edited to add a new block there.

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