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  • Good day
    This is an awesome plugin and its all i have been looking for.
    I only have one issue.
    I don’t see the UI after i put in the various shortcodes.
    Been through the forum and followed most of the examples there but i can’s seem to get it to work.

    Plugin version 3.7.4
    Git SHA 8494cf0
    Web Server Apache
    PHP version 7.2.8
    WordPress version 4.9.8
    MySQL version 5.6.39-cll-lve
    DB prefix wp_
    Is multisite false
    Is network activated false
    PHP max execution time 30
    Constant ‘WP_DEBUG’ false
    Constant ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’ false
    Constant ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’ false
    Constant ‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’ n/a
    Constant ‘DSWALLETS_FILE’ /home/hwtfh6ktfouw/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wallets/wallets.php
    PHP Extension ‘curl’ Loaded
    PHP Extension ‘mbstring’ Loaded
    PHP Extension ‘zlib’ Loaded
    Active wallets extensions wallets-cp 1.0.7
    Network-active wallets extensions n/a

    The cyrptocurrency adapters are all good and displaying RESPONDING.
    I am using the WP Emember plugin for login and registration functionalities.
    I have everything also set up correctly in the capabilities section of the plugin and all the required permissions are selected in the API section because i am making use of the COINPAYMENT ADAPTER.
    My Public and Private keys are also set up correctly.
    I really need your assistance as i don not know what i am doing wrongly.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author



    It seems like you have already checked the troubleshooting section in the manual because you have checked for most of the requirements.

    Have you also checked your frontend for JavaScript errors? If there are any, you will need to resolve them. Check the console and if you find any errors let me know please. These could be caused by some other plugin, your theme, or any custom code.

    with regards


    I have also checked the frontend for javascript errors.
    This is the message i got
    “JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1”
    I don’t know what else to do at this point.

    with regards

    Plugin Author


    OK thank you.

    It seems there are no JS errors.

    While you are logged in, what do you see when you follow this link?

    If you like I can login to your site and have a look if you email me some credentials. You can find my email at

    P.S. Also, please note that for production you should enable SSL on your site. There is a warning about this in the plugin.

    Thank you very much for your reply

    When i click the above link . I get a blank screen with this message .
    {“result”:”error”,”code”:-106,”message”:”Must be logged in”}

    About the SSL i really dont know how to enable that right now

    I will send credentials to your email address right now.
    I really appreciate your support.

    I just sent you a message from email address.

    Thanks for your continued support

    with regards

    Plugin Author


    Thank you.

    When I log in I see the JSON data successfully on the API. You must have tried it with a logged out account.

    First of all Elementor is causing a JavaScript error on the wallets page, I’m not sure why.

    TypeError: Argument 1 of Window.getComputedStyle is not an object.frontend.min.js:2:4259

    Secondly, after logging in, when I visit your wallets page it appears as if I am not logged in. This looks like a problem with your membership plugin most likely. The shortcodes are not rendered at all for this reason.

    You should focus on resolving these issues first. The JSON API seems functional which means that you have set up your coin adapters correctly.

    Please let me know if you face any more problems after resolving the above issues.

    with regards

    Thank you

    I need to know now which other editor works best for the plugin sinnce ELEMENTOR doesn’t work and which membership plugin do you advice i use for this also.
    Since its obvious that that’s the only way i can fix the problems.

    Best Regards.

    Plugin Author


    It is not obvious that this is how you should fix these problems.

    The Elementor plugin works just with the Wallets plugin. The problem is specific to your site. Start by experimenting with a new blank page and simply add the shortcodes with nothing else. This should help you debug the issue.

    Your membership plugin is OK, but you need to configure it so that when you are logged in, it shows the shortcodes, and not the content that non-logged in users should see.

    Hope this is a bit clearer.

    with regards

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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