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    Messed it up all !! Now the bride looks fancy but is dumb and bulky, it moves too slow and sometimes blank.Are you deliberately frustrating WP users and will ask them to buy a license for bug free WP? 🙁

    I have upgraded more than 4 times in a past couple of months. It just so frustrating and it will remain like this just bug bug bug security risk. now I am unable to post anything. When I press Publish button after writing a new article the Browser URL shows mydomain/wp-admin/post.php and displays blank page in window. Just a total waste of time. 🙁
    I think, I should switch back to static html pages.

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  • OK, what part of all that makes you think that WordPress is at fault? It’s clearly an issue with your setup or something you’re doing wrong.

    Disable all your plugins and re-enable them.

    Once you have tasted sweet you know the taste and enjoy.
    The WordPress 2.3 was much better than 2.5 the earlier one was much faster
    You enable plugins, save posts and it just displayed yellow to green changing status on top with in 10 to 30 sec. Now in 2.5 it takes more than 50 sec to 100 sec (sometimes times out) before it changes to another page.
    abd mind you my DSL connection is same and is working fine with 2.3 install. I want to stick to v2.3 Tell me how do I remove the so called vulnerabilities to make it safe. v2.5 is just a heavy loaded truck on decorated in CSS but has flat tyres. 🙁 don’t even liked the admin panel.
    WP coders have used their brain in making it more dull and even more confusing one. Lastly WP Admin panel does not appeal me even a bit. it SUCKS YAKK! :(0

    I think we need a new section on this forum. Just for rants. I can keep that section busy pretty well on my own. 😉

    hah… I’m for it.

    actually, given that a lot of less technical users tend to post by pasting from MS word… and MS word has a nifty save as HTML feature…

    what *is* wrong with going back to ye olde HTML pages? 😉

    As much that I can maybe agree with you on the fancy-but-heavy 2.5, I do not think this post is appropriate for an OPEN SOURCE software you got for FREE and that is supported by a cummunity of volunteers.
    If you do not like the interface, switch back to 2.3 , (I never upgraded myself) , if you do not want the new flash upload , disable it etc. etc.
    [My two cents of experience : don’t rush to upgrade NOTHING, first see if the thing is stable, and that the holes were plunked. it’s true about microsoft, it’s true about autodesk, and it is true about wordpress..]




    crap, i missed the party. 😐

    This isn’t the first time! :-p

    there’s nothing I like better than plunking holes.

    there’s nothing I like better than plunking holes.
    But only whwen someone knows how to.

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    This is worthless. Closing.

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